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(also known as Colcoscopy)
Colposcopy or colcoscopy is a medical diagnostic procedure to examine an illuminated, magnified view of the cervix and the tissues of the vagina and vulva. Many premalignant lesions and malignant lesions in these areas have discernible characteristics which can be detected thorough the examination. It is done using a c... more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 87% (619 Members) find Colposcopy helpful

Colposcopy Reviews

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Working / Worked
Great, just felt like a pap but with a little extra pinching.
Working / Worked
I've had 2 colpo procedures. These were only biopsies.
Working / Worked
Not sure if this is the procedure that was used on me but I went through a small "heating stage" of trying to rid the abnormal cells and then a "freezing stage" to remove the abnormal cells. I am not familiar with the name of this procedure they did nor did they update me on anything.
Working / Worked
Scheduled to be done.
Working / Worked
Had CIN 111 in 1995 resulting in cone biopsy which was performed by an oncologist to remove abnormal tissue. It was a worrying time but luckily it was caught early enough. My cervical tissue was healthy for many years after that but last year I needed treatment on colposcopy for more abnormal cells which have been removed.
Working / Worked
I need to find out more information to figure out exactly what happened to me.
Working / Worked
Its just a little pinch. I still dont like it but its not as bad as it sounds. I get dressed up for mine and i feel much better
Working / Worked
don't know yet
Working / Worked
Doctor found what he thinks are anal warts.
Working / Worked
They found high grade abnormalities on my cervix.
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