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(also known as Endovascular Coiling)
Endovascular coiling was introduced by Guido Guglielmi at UCLA in 1991. It consists of passing a catheter into the femoral artery in the groin, through the aorta, into the brain arteries, and finally into the aneurysm itself. Once the catheter is in the aneurysm, platinum coils are pushed into the aneurysm and released... more at Wikipedia

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Brain Injury
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Too Soon To Tell
I am waiting for an angiogram to identify the size of the aneurysm, I have not had any treatment yet, or any advice
lost 50% vision on left eye, headaches and it is still have blood flowing in the neck of aneurysm
Haven't had surgery yet. One annie recommended coiling.
my sister also had the coiling done still have one other sister to get checked but she hasnt done so
Not Working
was told it went main problem is lack of after am looking for that.
Not Working
I just had endocascular coiling done on my aneurysm, and undone. They went in and coiled it and then when they deflated the balloon supporting it during the procedure, my doctor realized the coiling would disrupt the flow of blood in the artery to the side which would eventually lead to a stroke, so he undid the coiling. It's frustrating to have gone through the whole experience and not have my aneurysm fixed, but at least there were no negative side effects.
Not Working
Sweats, nauses, really bad migraines headaches, body ache, can't hear or see. couldn't remember where I was.
Not Working
The coiling "worked" for several years, but now it is bulging and I have to go in for a clip.
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  1. Discussion: 27 years old 4.5mm aneurysm
    My dr told me i wouldn't be a good candidate for coiling because of the shape of the aneurysm, there were three tiny ones in the 4mm aneurysm, i know ... [More]
  2. Discussion: 27 years old 4.5mm aneurysm
    Thanks you for your replies. I am hoping the results of my angiogram on Friday will allow for coiling as a treatment. Shas22 I'm curious as to how you... [More]
  3. Discussion: COILING ON SEPT 17TH - ADVICE
    Hello: I am going in to have my brain aneurysm coiled on Sept. 17th - I'm very anxious. Any advice for me? When could you go back to work? Did yo... [More]
  4. Discussion: 3mm Cerebral Aneurysm
    I have been diagnosed with a 3mm Aneurysm. It is a odd shape and at a hard to reach place. The doctor wants to do coiling before it burst. It makes it... [More]
  5. Discussion: Just found out - 6mm brain aneurysm
    By the way, I am having COILING not clipping - I must have been reading about clipping here when I wrote that in my first post, sorry. [More]