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(also known as Endovascular Coiling)
Endovascular coiling was introduced by Guido Guglielmi at UCLA in 1991. It consists of passing a catheter into the femoral artery in the groin, through the aorta, into the brain arteries, and finally into the aneurysm itself. Once the catheter is in the aneurysm, platinum coils are pushed into the aneurysm and released... more at Wikipedia

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Brain Injury
Overall, 89% (87 Members) find Coiling helpful

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Working / Worked
I changed my email address and somehow lost all of my email friends on this site. My user name used to be janetlynne. It is now janet1597. Hope my friends find me
Working / Worked
After the stent assisted coiling I had no side effects at all.
Working / Worked
the surgery was successful 100% occlusion my life has changed headaches anxiety
Working / Worked
The aneurysm was in the right place so everything worked out good. I do have side effects like :
Memory loss.
Actually the list can go on for quite a ways. But considering, I'm kdoing ok.
Working / Worked
I did fine with the exception of having 2 blood clots going to my lungs which lengthened my hospital stay.
Working / Worked
Mine was called a giant aneurysm, and was coiled in 1998.
Working / Worked
It seemed to work. The headaches are still there at times. I was also diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation, so symptoms are similar at times.
Working / Worked
Coiling worked great for me. No side effects.
Working / Worked
coiling was wrapped around aneurysm a permanant shunt was put in my head with a drainage tube to my stomach .the surgeon was fantastic
Working / Worked
The MRA scan was excellent. anterior communicating artery aneurysm completely occluded and no other arterial abnormalities demonstrated :))
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