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(also known as CBT)
Cognitive therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy is a kind of psychotherapy used to treat depression, anxiety disorders, phobias and other forms of mental disorder. It involves recognising unhelpful or destructive patterns of thinking and reacting, then modifying or replacing these with more realistic or helpful ones. ... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Post-Traumatic Stress D...
Obsessive Compulsive Di...
Depression - Teen
Overall, 85% (7782 Members) find Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helpful

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reviews

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Working / Worked
helps with the right therapist.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
with meds saved my life
Working / Worked
Helps when I have a good, reliable therapist nearby. This is not currently the case.
Working / Worked
Helps me be able to deal with life on lifes terms. I can deal with things as they come along more readily.
Working / Worked
I'm reading the book about CBT called 'Overcoming Depression' by Paul Gilbert and I really like it. It explains things very well and just reading it makes me feel better. But it also has CBT excercises which I'm trying to make right now.

I will get to meet a therapist soon too.
Working / Worked
I believe it did help
my former counselor used this technique and I believe it helped a lot.
through the state i received years of therapy
I have not gone into a professional setting but have implemented on my own several extremely effective tips that have helped me to "slow down and conquer the beast within" as my mentor (who also has OCD) puts it.
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