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(also known as Dalacin, Cleocin, Evoclin)

Clindamycin is used to treat bacterial infections. It will not work for colds, flu, or other virus infections.

Clindamycin is available only with your doctor's prescription.

Common Brand Names:

Cleocin HCl

Cleocin Pediatric

Cleocin Phosphate IV

Dalacin C Palmitate


Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Food Addiction
Overall, 55% (817 Members) find Clindamycin helpful

Clindamycin Reviews

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My son has used this treatment before. This the 3 time he has been on it.
Working / Worked
I had intravenous Clindamycin and it bought about a full remission, enough for me to begin identifying trigger foods.
I seem to respond well to Clindamycin, but it's not a cure. It does help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.
Working / Worked
Helped alittle
Working / Worked
Worked for my pilonidal cyst. Temporary knock out of cysts from HS, but they always come back... :(
It worked slightly for a short period. But that's all..
Working / Worked
Clindamycin works to prevent infection. It isn't for healing the cysts completely, though.
It did not work
Currently using topical clindamycin. Getting ready to begin clindamycin and rifampin for 10 weeks
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  1. Discussion: Rifampicin and Clindamycin
    I never understood how antibiotics can work in HS because I don't think it's mainly an infection, but autoimmunity, well, until someone explained to m... [More]
  2. Discussion: Rifampicin and Clindamycin
    Hey there, i've tried the combo of Rifampicin and Dalacin i had taken them for 2 and a half months(2 times a day of both pills) and i must say that th... [More]
  3. Discussion: Rifampin and Clindamycin
    I was prescribed these drugs, but honestly, I really haven't been taken them. I feel apathetic towards antibiotics at this point, and to take two at t... [More]
  4. Discussion: Rifampin and Clindamycin
    I was on it for a month can't remember if I had my contacts then or not. It will turn our body fluid a orange color. I would think if you take your co... [More]
  5. Discussion: Rifampin and Clindamycin
    Hello, I am new to this. I was just diagnosed with this a few days ago. I am currently stage two. Reading other posts and seeing what other people ha... [More]