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(also known as Sucralfate)

Sucralfate is used to treat and prevent duodenal ulcers. This medicine may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.

Sucralfate works by forming a ``barrier'' or ``coating'' over the ulcer. This protects the ulcer from the acid of the stomach, allowing it to heal. Sucralfate contains an a... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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GERD & Heartburn
Peptic Ulcers
Hiatal Hernia
Crohn's Disease & Ulcer...
Overall, 78% (229 Members) find Carafate helpful

Carafate Reviews

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Working / Worked
working, but a pain in the neck to take.
Working / Worked
definited helps, take 3x day before meals, doc says 4x day but dont, interferes with other meds
Working / Worked
The liquid is nasty tasting but it works.
Working / Worked
works, but have to remember to take it at least 1/2 hr before eating and I don't always eat on schedule
Working / Worked
i ahd a horrible burning sensation that was murder but it helped heal the ersion
Working / Worked
This was for an ulcer more than 20 years ago that was not bleeding. It seemed to work.
Working / Worked
A true life saver.
Working / Worked
just use for flareups
Working / Worked
Helpful with stomach ache
Working / Worked
As long as I keep up with the dosage, but it's hard when you have to take it four times a day in between meals
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