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(also known as Diprolene, Diprosone, Betnovate)
Betamethasone is a moderate-potent glucocorticoid steroid with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive abilities, used especially where water retention is undesirable. It is applied as a topical cream, ointment, foam, lotion or gel to treat itching (e.g. from eczema). more at Wikipedia

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Alopecia Areata
Overall, 75% (478 Members) find Betamethasone (Topical) helpful

Betamethasone (Topical) Reviews

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Working / Worked
When I first started using it, it cause agonising pain which felt like someone had poured acid all over my scalp. This deterred me from using it and I thought it'd always do it, which it did for ages but not too long ago, it didn't hurt so much. Now I use it almost daily and it does seem to work, but sometimes it can cause more skin to shed, meaning more dandruff. :(
Working / Worked
Last year, I had the worst flare up I've ever had, and this ointment works wonders, I still use it on my feet which is the worst area on my body. It thins the skin so do not use it on face or groin, I recommend washing your hands after application
Working / Worked
It did not work for me.
Working / Worked
Love this stuff, it's fab
Working / Worked
I use this when my skin is having a serious flare up. Find that it clears pretty quickly.
Working / Worked
Its not a miracle cure for sore and stiff joints but it sure has added some much needed relief! Im allergic to prednisone taken by mouth and I seem to be able to tolerate meloxicam but the meloxicam wasnt doing its job very well since right now my doc for RA wont put me on treatments. So my Primary being upset from 3 flares in one week and knowing Im in severe pain gave me a script for this med 2 days ago....Its working so far and with no side effects!!!
Working / Worked
Betamethasone dipropinate. Wonderful! No side effects that I notice and I only have to use a little bit. Love it!
Working / Worked
This is always good for my face when nothing else helps.
Working / Worked
works good
Working / Worked
works well
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