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(also known as Bed Rest)
Bedrest as a medical treatment refers to staying in bed day and night as a treatment for an illness or medical condition, especially when prescribed or chosen rather than resulting from severe prostration or imminent death. Even though most patients in hospitals spend most of their time in the hospital beds, bedrest mo... more at Wikipedia

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Back Pain
Chronic Pain
Overall, 81% (1730 Members) find Bedrest helpful

Bedrest Reviews

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Working / Worked
Helps when the pain gets really bad and movement hurts. Laying on my side or stomach takes the pressure off my back and helps.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
it's cool when you have no other choice but still you have to get up and move once pain subsides
Working / Worked
I have 3 spinal injuries, a cyst on my sciatic nerve, sacriliitis, and spinal stenosis. I could not walk nor even roll out of bed. I took a double dose pack of oral steroids and found a chiropractor that I have been going to 2 to 3 times per week for the past 6 months. Best thing that has happened to me in a very long time!
Working / Worked
Works for awhile as needed
Working / Worked
It works while I am laying there, but I feel I get weaker when I do have to get up. I can't stay in bed all day cause there are thinngs I have to do.
Working / Worked
Sometimes it works, but I have kids so I don't get to rest very often. After surgeries it was neccessary.
Working / Worked
Only short periods of time
Working / Worked
The Best
Working / Worked
It worked but who wants to spend their life in bed!
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