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(also known as Hot Tub)
Aqua therapy, physical therapy is performed in a warm-water pool, allowing for earlier intervention, greater tolerance of activity, and easier gains in range of motion with less pain. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Overall, 92% (2559 Members) find Aqua Therapy helpful

Aqua Therapy Reviews

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Working / Worked
Helped. Moved to town without hospital or facility that has this.
Working / Worked
no pain while i*m in the pool. pain does come back and i feel very fatigued.
Working / Worked
When I can use one helps tons
Working / Worked
as long as you have a tub :/
Working / Worked
I love a hot tub, but I don't have access to one right now sadly. I do find I am very achy a couple hours after soaking in a hot tub, not sure why. Anyone know?
Working / Worked
Worked for awhile
Working / Worked
Loved my hot tub. It was truly the only time I felt totally pain free. It helped me relax before bedtime so I could fall asleep. Alas, it was old and had leaks that were not repairable.
Working / Worked
This works for me, waiting to get back in for therapy.
Working / Worked
This is wonderful! For Ehlers Danlos patients that have joint and muscle pain on a daily basis this water exercise allows one to work out without jarring to the joints. For those with autonomic dysfunction the water keeps you cool while working out. You can do as little or as intense of a workout as u want. I would advise a heated pool. I My pain is greatly increased by the cold. I stiffen up terribly so a warm pool prevents this from happening.
Working / Worked
Loved it but, with it in my bathroom I ended up ruining the floor and had to get rid f it.
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