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(also known as Hot Tub)
Aqua therapy, physical therapy is performed in a warm-water pool, allowing for earlier intervention, greater tolerance of activity, and easier gains in range of motion with less pain. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Overall, 92% (2496 Members) find Aqua Therapy helpful

Aqua Therapy Reviews

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Working / Worked
Works whilst in the Hot Tub/ any hot water, but the effect wears off almost instantly after getting out
Working / Worked
Yes. Hot baths, hot water. It relieves tension and pain.
Working / Worked
I have only been going a few weeks, but I do feel it is beginning to help.
Working / Worked
Soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts helps relieve muscle pain.
Working / Worked
Working Out In a Pool Was My Saving Grace. Is What Got Me Up and Moving Within My Life Again.
Working / Worked
It helped a lot.
Working / Worked
Works but takes time.
Working / Worked
wish I had one . Used one every day on vacation and really seemed to help.but so did the vacation. so kinda hard to tell
Working / Worked
Use a friend's hot tub, does help. Need my own!
Working / Worked
swimming in the ocean and salt in the air helps my inflammation so much that we moved to the beach last year.
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