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(also known as Hot Tub)
Aqua therapy, physical therapy is performed in a warm-water pool, allowing for earlier intervention, greater tolerance of activity, and easier gains in range of motion with less pain. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Cerebral Palsy
Overall, 92% (2461 Members) find Aqua Therapy helpful

Aqua Therapy Reviews

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Working / Worked
It worked while I was in the water but relief stopped 30 minutes after.
Working / Worked
didnt help
Working / Worked
Swimming laps also.
Working / Worked
felt really good but I can't afford it
Working / Worked
(aka Hydrotherapy) The warm water is like a giant hug...and it is the only time that your body behaves the way it used to, letting you stretch and move all your muscles (BUT it is horrible getting out of the water!)
Working / Worked
always helpful but u cant live in a spa!!!!
Working / Worked
with epsom salts it is great
Working / Worked
Heated pools and hot tubs are awesome for my pain and stiffness!
Working / Worked
Hot baths seem to help.
Working / Worked
a bath- helps tremendously... hot tub? depends on your body temperature and other conditions, but def relaxes the muscles and if you have reynauds, it stimulates blood circulation. side effects.. none. its a bath ! reduces stress... nerves, muscles, tension
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