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Apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple must, and is often sold unfiltered, with a brownish-yellow color; it often contains mother of vinegar. It is currently very popular, partly due to its alleged beneficial health and beauty. Due to its acidity, apple cider vinegar can be very caustic, even burning the thro... more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 64% (126 Members) find Apple Cider Vinegar helpful

Apple Cider Vinegar Reviews

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Working / Worked
Vinegar does agitate the skin so its best not to do it daily its better once or twice a week. I have sensitive skin so I'm even more so weary of using it too much. However, I've found vinegar to be very effective.
Working / Worked
Just started using it.
Working / Worked
cleared a little
Working / Worked
Horrible taste but I am trying it in the place of my medication for a few days to see if I can stop taking lisinopril. So far so good.
Working / Worked
Helps clear the skin
Working / Worked
I apply it in the evenings after I wash. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse before applying jojoba oil as my moisturizer.
Working / Worked
Been on it for a long time. Helps with the pain and mobility. Wonderful!!!
Working / Worked
I like it because it doesn't sting, and is cheap
Working / Worked
i can't tell if its working just started
Working / Worked
I soaked muslin cloth in ACV and put it on the affected areas of the skin when the blisters were forming. Literally in 10 seconds the blisters came to fruition it hurt like hell to do this but spedup the blisterforming process. Id recommend this treatment but 58 seconds only. Then I used Bach Flower rescue cream to heal blistersscars. It did an amazing job.
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