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(also known as Clomipramine)

Tricyclic antidepressants are used to relieve mental depression.

One form of this medicine (imipramine) is also used to treat enuresis (bedwetting) in children. Another form (clomipramine) is used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders. Tricyclic antidepressants may be used for other conditions as determined ... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Obsessive Compulsive Di...
Bipolar Disorder - Teen
Bipolar Disorder
Overall, 69% (342 Members) find Anafranil helpful

Anafranil Reviews

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Working / Worked
Clomipramine works best for me when i take Sertraline along with it. it does have a bit of a side affect though.
I took this for several years. It worked well, but I switched to zoloft because of the side effects (really jittery and yawned constantly).
i was perscribed anifranil but i dont take my meds enough to know if its working
I have had a huge decrease in symptoms since taking Anafranil. I take 200mg/day.
My daughter has stopped pulling! She used to look like a caner patient her pulling was so bad, and now she has all of her eyelashes and eyebrows and no bald spots. The key for her was to dose up slowly, it took 3 months to get up to 200mg but now she no longer suffers side effects...
Working / Worked
Helping with anxiety
Working / Worked
It does work for Ocd.
Working / Worked
Worked in past. Recently changed to Amitriptyline due to pregnancy but not taken effect.
Working / Worked
The only side effects i have from this is it makes me very sleepy!
Working / Worked
the cataplexy is largely kept at bay.
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