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(also known as Zyloprim)
Allopurinol is a white, powdery drug used to treat gout. Its use in the United States was started in 1964. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 81% (119 Members) find Allopurinol helpful

Allopurinol Reviews

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Working / Worked
Prevent gout. 300mg 1X day.
Working / Worked
Has taken time to stop attacks, but is working when UA levels are sub 6.. or better yet 5.0.
Working / Worked
i have just started this med, i'm not feeling well, but don't think it is connected to the med trying to figure out what foods i can eat, doesn't seen to be much
Working / Worked
Its a medication typically prescribed for gout which I dont have. It also treates oxygiated stress. Helped with sleep and night sweats. No side effects and 4.00 per month.
Working / Worked
Worked very well with weight loss and watching my purine intake.
Working / Worked
Keeps my uric acid under control along with diet.
Working / Worked
Third week - swelling/redness gone - doc said it would take a fell 4wks. No side effects as of today.
Working / Worked
I fought taking this for a number of years, once I finally gave in to taking a pill every day I am amazed
Working / Worked
I took it for a while. Doctor had to increase dosage until it finally kicked in. He told me I would be on it forever, but when the bottle ran out I did not get any more.
Working / Worked
Along with a change in diet and exercise this drug seems to be doing the trick. No side effects that I'm aware of.
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  1. Discussion: Allopurinol
    hey i take allopurinol i have high uric acid levels as well my creatinine level has been around 1.21 - 1.25 i started taking it a few months back and... [More]
  2. Discussion: Allopurinol
    I saw my nephrologist a few days ago. He said stop the allopurinol and drink more water to flush out your kidneys and we will see. Its only the second... [More]
  3. Discussion: Allopurinol
    Hi Jessica I will keep you posted...I read a specific warning about it hear.. [More]
  4. Discussion: Allopurinol
    Hi, From my reading about Allopurinol: its difficult to treat gout in kidney patients with it. Is the high... [More]
  5. Discussion: Allopurinol
    Hi all Just wanted to get some info on Allopurinol.. I have PKD, my creatinine levels were at 1.6-1.8 for a while.. I started taking Allopurinol for ... [More]