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Adderall is a pharmaceutical stimulant amphetamine used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 79% (3751 Members) find Adderall helpful

Adderall Reviews

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Working / Worked
Works GREAT, there's no other medication as good as Adderall. However, it's extremely addictive for me.
Working / Worked
Helped for over a year but it drys your system out and that seem to flare the pain worse so i stopped this medicine for the moment
Working / Worked
I am on it now. Seems to be working, but easy to build up a dependency when there is a lack of sleep.
Working / Worked
It was a good temporary pick me up, but I've built up a resistance so that it takes much longer to kick in. side effect is dry mouth for me
Working / Worked
I am on the highest dose for my height and weight, I know I can't get out of bed without it. I still feel ADD.
Working / Worked
My doctor prescribed this to me since I am so tired all the time and have trouble completing my daily activities.
Working / Worked
I feel it worked better in the beginning (8 yrs ago) I have teeth clenching issues I am assuming is a side effect. Sleep is a issue.I find in the last year I am having anxiety. Doctors have never tried any other treatment only upped the dosage
Working / Worked
When I don't take it, I get sleepy.
Working / Worked
Found a doctor that would prescribe me medication for my ADHD even though I did/do not have an official diagnosis, she went off the say so of a counselor she had me talk to for three sessions before she and the counselor decided it would be in my best interests to seek medication as a form of treatment. She began me with Ritalin, which no matter the dose, did absolutely nothing for me, so she swapped me to the IR Adderall (because the instant release generic was all my insurance would cover).
Working / Worked
Adderall XR Works Well For Me
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    Desoxyn is better, but if you find it, let me know. Nowhere in Texas does Walmart carry it. Adderall XR is not good for me. I am taking Adderall with ... [More]
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    I have suffered from ADHD since I was small. After college, I enrolled in an individual insurance policy. I began treatment. I took Adderall for 4 ye... [More]
  4. Advice: generic adderall
    I take 30mg of Adderall 3 times a day and it works well too. I don't get any noticeable side effects. Wish you well on it and hope it works for you. [More]
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    Hi everyone, im kind of new here. i was hoping someone could give me some advice about the generic form of adderall, i was recently diagnosed with ADD... [More]