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Adderall is a pharmaceutical stimulant amphetamine used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. more at Wikipedia

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Bipolar Disorder
Overall, 79% (3692 Members) find Adderall helpful

Adderall Reviews

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Working / Worked
I have had a good experience with this medication.
Working / Worked
Took for two months while insured. It worked wonders in increasing energy levels BUT I stopped due to the major increase in my TMJ pain and teeth grinding/clenching. I was rather depressed when I realized I couldn't continue on this treatment but having g.I. issues increase as well...not worth it in my situation.
Working / Worked
It calms him down.
Working / Worked
It is working pretty well. I am only on 30 mg in the mornings but in two weeks I will be on 20 mg in the morning and 20 at night. In the morning I go to a program and at night I have school. The one 30 mg from the morning doesn't last too long.
Working / Worked
had to stop because i couldn't afford it. no insurance. it was working pretty well. no side effects.
Working / Worked
It worked when I took it but made me feel like a zombie so i stopped
Working / Worked
loved it, had to get off it for now and find some real energy. Got off it a year ago and still have NO energy.
Working / Worked
helps with the fatigue and concentration
Working / Worked
this is helping me some. I am still very distracted and forget what I am in the middle of and move on to the next task, but it is somewhat better
Working / Worked
Diagnosed many years ago wADD took Adderall for a long time along wantidepressants. I think it helped with focusing etc. but the depression interfered with my actually living a productive life. Some doctor took me off of it a while back and I just started taking it again. HUGE difference in my clarity and energy. Problem is that the depression still keeps me from being fully productive and active but its a start.......
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    I take 30mg of Adderall 3 times a day and it works well too. I don't get any noticeable side effects. Wish you well on it and hope it works for you. [More]
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