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(also known as Ursodiol)

Ursodiol is used in the treatment of gallstone disease. It is taken by mouth to dissolve the gallstones.

Ursodiol is used in patients with gallstones who do not need to have their gallbladders removed or in those in whom surgery should be avoided because of other medical problems. However, ursodiol works only ... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Cystic Fibrosis
Overall, 88% (16 Members) find Actigall helpful

Actigall Reviews

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Working / Worked
I have been on Actigall for about 10 weeks. I have had no side effects worth mentioning. I have taken about 3 capsules of 300mg Actigall a day for the last 70 days. I have not had any Gallbladder attacks. I hope this will help dissolve my gallstones(4mm) so that I can avoid surgery. There is a lot of research out there and not everyone needs to get this very expensive surgery.
Working / Worked
working was on 300 mgs 2xs daily now I am only taking it once a day
Working / Worked
for liver sludging
she takes 7.5 cc twice daily
Working / Worked
My Dr. wants me to try it, but I'm already on so many medications...seems like everytime I try to add another one, it's almost a definate that it will fight one of the other pills I'm taking. Don't mean to sound like I'm a "floating pharmacy, but c'mon...enough is enough. Often times the Dr.'s won't even check to see what your on, before they prescribe something new...boy, that pisses me off !!!
Working / Worked
For a failing liver
Somewhat Helpful
on it 15 yrs so ?
Too Soon To Tell
I just started on 91112. So far so good. No side effects to report.
Not Working
I do not remember
Not Working
almost constant ache in gut.
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