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Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Anesthesiologist
Posted in Cosmetic Dentis... by TeamDS on Oct 08, 2010
If you or a loved one are scheduled to have surgery, don't be afraid to contact your anesthesiologist and ask them the essential questions you need answered before your operation. Anesthesiologists are a critical member of the surgical team that can make all the difference in how you feel before, during and after your procedure. Here are 6 important questions to ask:
1. Who is in control of my pain management after my operation? The last thing you need, when you're in recovery, is to feel unnecessary pain.

2. How many times have you been the anesthesiologist for this type of procedure? And as a follow-up, how many of those surgeries were successful? Every medical student has to learn sometimes, but most patients will rightly expect that a lead anesthesiologist should have direct experience with the procedure.

3. Will you personally be the acting anesthesiologist at the procedure? Will there be any assistants or other personnel participating? If there are others, ask about their experience level.

4. Aside from my breathing and heart rate, what do you monitor?

5. What are the risks for the type of anesthesiology I'll be receiving during the procedure, and how great are they?

6. Are there different options for the type of anesthesia I can receive for the procedure?

And if you don't feel your anesthesiologist has enough experience, request a different one. Any surgery is too important to leave anything to chance. The more you know, the more confident you'll feel. And with a detailed plan in place for your post-operation pain management, you will have improved the chance for an easy, pain-free recovery.

Anesthesiology Tip: If your anesthesiologist isn't asking you questions that you think are important, make sure to volunteer the information. For example, if you smoke, or are taking any alternative supplements, or have had a relative who had a reaction to their anesthesia, be sure to let your anesthesiologist know.

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Questions #2 & #3...wish we had asked them for my brother's jaw surgery. The head Anesthesiologist was monitoring several ORs that day while students took over & now my brother is in a wheelchair with the cognitive ability of a 1 yr old. He was 16 & healthy... making plans to go to college. This was 10 years ago, but it feels like yesterday. Do your homework people! This was a very good hospital in Chicago. A tragic mistake could have been prevented. (In my opinion)
By JennySueR2  Oct 09, 2010
Words to the wise! Have a plan BEFORE surgery.
By ChronicIL  Oct 09, 2010
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