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Tell Us A Story About Your Jeans! Why Do You Love Them?
Posted in Breast Cancer by TeamDS on Oct 04, 2010
We would like to invite everyone and anyone who has a great story about their jeans to leave a comment and tell us their story! Your story might even be published on DailyStrength!

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans-- they're comfortable, casual, and they make us feel great! Write your story in your journal and link us to the story in a comment, or tell your story right in the comment box!

Here are some story ideas:
- Do you have a pair of lucky jeans, that make you feel confident whenever you wear them?

- What was your first pair of jeans, and what jeans have you discovered since then?

- What kind of jeans are your favorite kind, and why?

- Do you have a special memory that you like to look back on that have to do with your jeans?

We can't wait to hear your stories, and neither can the rest of the community!

This is part of the DailyStrength Breast Cancer Awareness Event which celebrates the strength and courage of all who are going through or are touched in some way by breast cancer.

Be sure to check out our Denim Day Photo Contest-- the winner will be awarded a $100 JC Penny Gift Card! We also have a Denim Day slideshow-- see us rocking our denim!-- and we invite everyone to share their stories about their favorite pair of jeans.

If you haven't already, don't miss the special articles that our Experts have written on their personal experience with breast cancer, and TeamDS' Affirmations that are themed around providing hope to those facing the disease.

To all our fighters out there, we are with you!

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My favorite jeans have a pair of yellow hand prints on the back pockets. :) Me and my best girl-friend were camping at her cabin one year and were painting the outhouse when we decided our jeans needed to be spiffed up a bit. So we both dunked our hands in the paint and left our prints on the booty of the others' jeans. We still laugh about how when she put the hand prints on my pants I jumped away, shouting, "You lingered!!!" :)
By marielove  Oct 31, 2010

This is a link to a denim quilt. My Mother in Law taught me how to make them. This one was specifically for my daughter simply because each patch of denim had a story behind it; It became a memory quilt. Patches came from old jeans stemming from four generations.

No one in this family is allowed to toss out old jeans... lol
By dezyre1980  Oct 25, 2010
I don't have any jeans to show you, but I love seeing all of your's and will be there for support really like this idea. keep going. Hugs&Prayers,GDonna
By GDonna  Oct 15, 2010
My first pr of jeans were LEVIS-boy did i love them--!!!!
wore them all the time-----then it was on to jordache jeans---
loved those too!!!!!! now i'm a LUCKY girl--they fit so good--and look nice in all the styles they have--I prefer low waisted ones-------very comfy----well thats my jeans story-----love jeans!!! Have a blessed day x
By bozosmommy  Oct 14, 2010
Hi there! You can either write your story in your journal and link us to the story in a comment, or tell your story right in this comment box!

If you have any questions, I'll be here. :)
By Jessica  Oct 08, 2010
I just re-checked and if you click on the green: "we invite everyone to share their stories about their favorite pair of jeans." It is linked to this page...Huh?
By dailyfooddiaryuser  Oct 06, 2010
I can't figure out where to add my story about my jeans...If this is the place, it is hard to tell because it is under the "More Articles" heading...
By dailyfooddiaryuser  Oct 06, 2010
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