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Stop Cramps with Pickles, and Grow a New Liver - Strange Tuesdays
Posted in Pre-menstrual S... by TeamDS on Jun 22, 2010
Pickle Juice Heals Muscle Cramps Faster Than Water

Drinking dill pickle juice doesn’t sound quite as tasty as Gatorade or even plain water, however, researchers have found that pickle brine is great for speeding recovery of cramped muscles. But before you make a face and put a strainer over your crunchy dills, consider buying a bottle of Pickle Juice Sport, which has electrolytes as well. However, we can’t vouch for the taste. The study induced toe cramps in college students, then gave them straight pickle juice or deionized water. Those who downed the pickle juice recovered from their cramping 37 percent faster than the water drinkers. Hmm, if that’s the cure, maybe longer toe cramps aren’t so bad.

An Average 206 Bones in Your Body? This Man has 50 More!

Since he was a child, a Connecticut man has had 19 surgeries to remove over 42 extra bones in his body. He inherited a condition from his father called multiple hereditary exotosis, or MHE. The condition is rare, with only 1 to 2 people with MHE in every 100,000. More than 1,600 families in 57 countries around the world are known to have MHE. Fortunately the bones aren’t painful, but they can grow to an uncomfortable size. And as the extra bones begin to push into soft places in your body that aren’t designed for hard protrusions like bones, they may need to be removed. Sometimes you can inherit too much of a good thing!

Need a Liver? Have a New One Grown For You

Scientists have successfully grown and transplanted simple working livers into rats. There is a worldwide shortage of donors with healthy livers, and growing complex organs like livers has so far been impossible. Now a team in Massachusetts have created an incomplete, but functioning liver using rat cells. The livers are created by flushing out liver cells from a donor liver, leaving the blood vessel structure, and then adding new liver cells called hepatocytes. The new livers are then transplanted into rats next to their normal livers. The new livers are able to function normally, but only for short periods. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but soon you may be able to have an unhealthy donor liver used as the base of a new liver grown just for you. Have you filled out an organ donor card?

Stop Muscle Cramping Tip: Eat a banana! Eating a banana before strenuous activity provides potassium which can help stop cramps before they start!
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i don't think this stuff is researched at all. EVERYONE knows that if you have a true potassium deficiency... not just low potassium....(enough to cause cramps) eating a banana won't help. you need extra supplements. but this needs to be evaluated by your doctor with lab tests done for exact levels.
its never bad to add fruit to your diet, and bananas are higher in potassium, but it won't help a great deal if your level is THAT low.
By tadlem  Jun 24, 2010
Do you actually research the accuracy of these articles or just copy them & paste them here?
By MyTrueColors  Jun 23, 2010
I have a problem with muscle cramps or charley horses in my legs and feet, usually while sleeping. After being woken in the night numerous times I saw my doctor about it. He said that quinine would help but that you can't get it from the pharmacy any longer. They discontinued it because of some side affects people were having. He told me to buy tonic water at the grocery store. It contains quinine. He said to drink a glass of it every day. I have been doing that and have not been woken up with cramps since. The stuff is not very good tasting- pretty sour. I add a little bit of fruit juice to it and it helps the taste somewhat.
I'm sure it tastes better than pickle juice at least!
By PattyMM  Jun 23, 2010
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