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Strange Tuesdays: Even In A Recession, Don't Skimp On Your Root Canal
Posted in Depression by TeamDS on Jun 15, 2010
This is the second article of a series of daily articles brought to you by TeamDS. Each Tuesday, we bring you the weirdest news on the net. Tune in each day of the week, when TeamDS scours the world for interesting, relevant, useful news for the DailyStrength community on Mondays, women's health articles on Wednesdays, a focus on men's health on Thursdays, and tips to improve your life on Fridays.

Strange Tuesdays from DailyStrength

Fact: Every World Cup Soccer Spectator Gets 127 Decibels Straight To The Ear

The vuvuzela is a wide plastic horn shaped like a giant funnel that is called louder than a chainsaw or a drum! What's it for? Cheering for your team, and taunting theirs at your favorite sporting event--like the World Cup in Johannesburg South Africa. At 127 decibels, it's louder than a referee's whistle, and can damage your hearing in just 15 minutes. Sounds great, what? No, really, what did you say?

Surgeon Removes Wrong Organ - Don't Let This Happen To You

A surgeon described as someone you'd want operating on your own family, took out a perfectly good kidney instead of a gallbladder. Whoops! It turns out the patient had unusual anatomy and his kidney was right where a gallbladder usually sits. The good doctor's lawyer described it as a surgery complication, like an infection. But the State Board of Medicine wasn't buying it. $5000 fine, 50 hours of community service, and $25000 reimbursement for the prosecution!

Even In A Recession, Don't Skimp On Your Root Canal

Root canals are not an area where you want to save money, but one former Massacusetts dentist is accused of figuring out a way. Instead of expensive stainless steel posts, he put a handy paper clip in patients' mouths! The aggressively thrifty dentist has been indicted by the state attorney for assault and battery, larceny, making false Medicaid claims and what else? Oh yeah, illegally prescribing drugs. That about covers it.
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