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A Hat Shower For Diem - Baby_Blues99's Story
Posted in Infertility by TeamDS on Sep 08, 2010
Editor's Note: This is a guest article written by one of our own DailyStrength members.

I joined DailyStrength after stumbling across it on the internet while researching infertility. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 6.5 years at that time and I just needed to find some place where I could talk to others that were going through the same struggle. Diem and I joined DS right around the same time. I don’t remember exactly how we became friends, but I just know I was extremely blessed to have found her and all of the other wonderful women I have found through DailyStrength.

Without the support of these women I would have given up this fight. It was so nice to know that every time I went for a treatment, I was waiting for results or when we got bad results, there was always going to be someone there to cheer me up, keep me going and more than anything understand how I felt when nobody else did.

As time went by, one by one my friends were achieving their goals and I wasn’t, but as hard as it was to hear that they had gotten their positive pregnancy test or had their beautiful babies, I couldn’t help but be so overjoyed that their dreams were finally coming true. I really realized that these ladies were more than just a support system and really more of a sisterhood. That they would continue to be there and support me even though they had achieved their goals and no longer really needed the support system so to speak. They were still right there by my side.

We now keep in touch through Facebook, email, text and DailyStrength and hope that one day we will all get the chance to meet in person. These women are so special to me, each and everyone of them, that I cannot imagine my life without them now. It amazes me how someone that you have never met in person can become so close and be such a huge support. Each of us have had to deal with our own struggles, but for me just knowing that I have these amazing women by my side I can get through anything. I love you girls!

This story is part of a series celebrating DailyStrength's amazing power to connect people. A Hat Shower For Diem is an event put on by DailyStrength members to support a fellow member, Diem, through her struggle with lymphoma. Comment, hug, or just read these amazing stories to show your support!

Do you have a story about meeting other DailyStrength members and the power of support? Send us a PM!

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