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5 Tasty Yet Healthy Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dishes - Friday Tips For Your Life
Posted in Nutrition by TeamDS on Nov 19, 2010
Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and naturally our thoughts are beginning to turn to the holiday feast. For most of us, it's still all about the basics: turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberries.

There is a long list of other variations, but what about the healthier side dishes? To be specific, what about the vegetables? Adding tasty vegetable side dishes can make your bountiful meal healthy as well as hearty and delicious. Here are 5 easy ideas from great resources online:
1. Holistic-minded Dr. Andrew Weil has a simple Thanksgiving recipe that makes healthy use of root vegetables. It includes garlic, olive oil, and yes, a variety of root vegetables including "potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, beets, sweet potatoes."

2. Delish, a great recipe website, has a low-fat and easy dish based on a combination of green beans, yellow wax beans, and wild mushrooms.

3. Don't forget about Reader's Digest! Here's a great recipe for a salad and salad dressing that balances blue cheese with pear, and a zesty vinaigrette with lemon juice and brown sugar.

4. Vegan's know about vegetables! Try Chloe Coscarelli's fabulous sounding recipe for maple roasted brussel sprouts with toasted hazelnuts.

5. Martha Stewart continues to provide great recipes like this one with roasted carrots, parsnips and shallots. Parsnips? They're not that common anymore, but when cooked right, they're a tasty and interesting addition.

Eat, drink and be merry this Thanksgiving, safe in the knowledge that by adding savory vegetable side dishes to the classic holiday standards, you're helping to create a meal that's inspired, healthy, and that still hits the spot! What are your favorite Thanksgiving vegetable dishes?

Health Vegetable Dishes Tip: You may be surprised at how easy it is to make delicious and healthy vegetable dishes just by using less oil, dairy products (especially heavy cream), and salt. If you have time, experiment the week before any holiday meal, to find and refine your favorites!

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Love the recipe links. I am a vegetarian, and after 40 years, I have just discovered squash. Sad to admit, but now my favorite vegetable, and appropriate to eat seasonally. I am just finishing off the rest of my root veggies, grown in my garden. Of course, in Canada, we are long past Thanksgiving, and the snow is thick and the temp was -38 C with the wind chill. So a good hearty root vegetable dish with some squash is just perfect for the day.
By Angela53510  Nov 23, 2010
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