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Affirmations don't work for me. What can I do to change my attitude?
Posted in Depression by Susan Quinn on Dec 02, 2010
"Affirmations don't work for me. How can I learn to make affirmations that WORK? I have been affirming that 'I have all the money I need and more' everyday for 4 months and nothing has changed. What am I doing wrong?"

There is a lot of misunderstanding around what makes affirmations actually work. The problem with just affirming something like “I am wealthy” is that when you say that to yoursrelf and it is not the truth, you won't believe it. Instead, you will feel an emotion of doubt and perhaps fear because the affirmation doesn't match your experience. The same is true for weight issues: saying “I am my ideal weight” when this is not true will cause a pure disbelief. Your mind will not accept something you know is not true.

What makes affirmations work is the FEELING you transmit when making or thinking of the affirmations, not the words.

So how then can you change your feeling when you have fear around a certain issue like lack of money? The energy therapy called EFT (emotional freedom techniques) gives you a formula to eliminate this resistance that prevents your feelings from changing.

The formula involves first stating that you have this problem, or feeling or fear or condition (whatever it may be), and also that even though you have this problem, you deeply accept and love yourself anyway. One example would be: “Even though I am worried about money and it makes me feel insecure and afraid for tomorrow, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

THEN the next thing you follow with are statements that you can believe, like the following:

“I am in the process of receiving ideas and all kinds of unexpected resources that will help me gain the abundance I want.” Or, “I am leaving the door open to unexpected positive small events that are bringing my abundance to me in ways that I am not even aware of yet.” The principle operating here is that things in the universe are always in a state of change or process, and it the very recongnition and acknowledgement and appreciation of that which enhances its manifestation.

I recommend that you try this for 30 days at the same time every day for no longer than 5 minutes a day. At the end of 30 days, measure the level of the original problem. I believe you will be delighted at the results. You will get shifts in beliefs you have had that will surprise you because you are opening yourself to the possibility for new beliefs to come into your consciousness. Good luck.

- Susan Quinn

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