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What Lifestyle Changes Signal Substance Abuse?
Posted in Alcoholism by Sharecare on May 09, 2014
Substance abuse disorders are interesting disorders. They are hallmarked by denial and minimization. When a family member has concerns about a loved one’s substance use confronting them, while important, may lead to more frustration regarding the substance use.

Answer by Debra Dibartolo
Substance use becomes an abuse disorder when it adversely affects a person’s life-socially, emotionally, financially or legally. The substance abuser may very well be in denial or a state of minimization regarding their use and not recognize this until a profound event has occurred (family dissolves or an arrest-a DWI for example).

The family members may likely have more insight in to the abuse pattern that the abusers themselves. Confrontation and treatment are important.

But I must endorse the family members seeking treatment for them as this is a family illness and they may very well be affected and not realize the extent.

Al-anon family groups are an excellent source of information and support. Attendance is free and confidential.

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Other lifestyle changes that may signal when use has turned into substance abuse include drinking to get through the day... Read more


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Enhancing motivation and spiritual for change in substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse disorders are motivating for changes addiction treatment. It’s reduced the cravings attributed to drug addiction and replaces them with natural feelings of delight and satisfaction.
By mikewilson123  May 14, 2014
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