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How Long Will It Take For Me to See My Weight Loss Changes?
Posted in Diets & Weight ... by Sharecare on Jun 05, 2014
You will see changes right away but not in the way you think. First of all you will notice an increase in energy when starting your exercise program. Also when on the right program you will also notice an increase in strength, flexibility and endurance.

Now if you are looking for that special number on the scale as most people do this may take time depending on what your goals are. To lose 1 pound of fat you must burn at least 3500 calories. So if you keep your deficit at 500 calories a day you will achieve this. So depending on how big your deficit is will depend on how much weight you will lose per week.

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Susan Retzlaff, NASM Elite Trainer
It may take up to four to six weeks to see a reduction in pounds on the scale, but you may feel a difference in how your clothes fit.... Read more

Michelle Cleere - Sharecare Fitness Expert
Sometimes it takes awhile to see weight loss changes and it's important to help people to focus on the process of losing weight versus the end result which is the weight loss... Read more


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CARBS are the MAIN enemy!
CARBS ARE the main reason for gaining EXTRA pounds.
CARBS should be eaten in a super low moderation intake.
Carbs should only be consumed 1 or 2 times a week in order to maintain the desired weight.
Carbs are responsible for the extra fat around the belly area.
TOO many carbs cause Diabetes. Once Carbs are eaten in moderation then the diabetes can be Stabilized and/or in Remission.
By energylost  Jun 13, 2014
Here You have many option to reduce weight but here i can suggest you an option.
you should take proper sleep at least 6 hours.
take proper diet
avoid junk food and fatty foods
do exercise or jogging at least 30 minutes in daily basis.
then you can see effect within a month.

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By 11Chrisrww1  Jun 09, 2014
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