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Stress can skyrocket during bereavement. The massive adjustments to change demanded of you can repeatedly trigger the stress response, a cascade of hormones that prepares your body to fight or flee. Unless feelings of stress are given an outlet, physical and psychological symptoms—such as a clenched jaw, shakiness, and anxious feelings—tend to compound. This fuels a negative, ... Read More »
The cause(s) of autism are unknown, so you as a parent definitely did NOT cause your child's autism. As the neurology, child behavior, and science experts learn more about it, it is becoming ... Read More »
Within the last few months, two studies have shown there may be a blood test for fibromyalgia, and a small study suggests that small fiber neuropathy may play a role. Other studies include the ... Read More »
Cancer of the breast is the most common cancer diagnosed in women (other than nonmelanoma skin cancer). In the United States, it's estimated that in 2010 about 210,000 patients will be diagnosed ... Read More »
Abusive relationships may be hard to end, particularly if we lack financial independence. If we are divorced, widowed, or single, we may find ourselves in a new relationship that is abusive.
A person who wonders if they are addicted to something probably has a reason for their query. Usually, there is some innate suspicion, concern or fear. This is no different from a person who knows ... Read More »
Yes you can learn to forgive. If you are struggling to forgive, then part of the process is looking at the reason you are resisting forgiving. Maybe you believe that if you forgive then the person ... Read More »
Regular exercise reduces breast cancer risk by 37%. Regular exercise was associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer for 5,624 women, aged 20 to 54 years, who were studied for 13.7 years. ... Read More »
I counsel my patients that a fertility workup should be performed on a couple after they have been trying to become pregnant for 1 year without success. If a woman is greater than 35 years old, I ... Read More »
General: Most experts agree that a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors may predispose certain individuals to developing addictions. Substance abuse: Initially, ... Read More »

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