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Lee Trask is an advocate for women dealing with issues of infertility and miscarriage. Having struggled through more than six years of infertility, three miscarriages, and high-risk pregnancy, she is now happy raising her two…
Baby skin is the softest, most cuddly, greatest smelling organ ever. Yes, the skin is one of the body’s organs, and your baby’s is perfect. But a cranky infant irritated by things like rashes and ... Read More »
Recently, I moved with my family, to a new neighborhood. In my last post, I talked about some of the steps to make the physical move easier on your children - but what about long term, after the move ... Read More »
Recently, I moved with my family, to a new neighborhood. Not a far move mind you, only about 5 miles north of where we lived before. But it’s an entirely different world: Urban vs. suburban, new ... Read More »
If your child has sustained a concussion, please seek medical advice immediately. Once the diagnosis has been made, taking the proper amount of time to allow the brain to heal completely is crucial. ... Read More »
With help from the NFL and the NHL, most youth sports programs have increased their ability to diagnose concussions quickly on the playing field. But what if there aren’t sufficient medical ... Read More »
If you have a child playing contact sports, you are probably already aware that coaches and sports leagues are putting a huge effort into reducing the number of concussions that young players ... Read More »
Concussion injuries have been on the rise, especially in children playing contact sports. A concussion describes an injury to the brain, which has a cushioning liquid around it called cerebrospinal ... Read More »
I wasn’t able to breastfeed; my cardiologist was pretty clear that he wanted me back on medication, which I had been off for six years while making babies. The medicine would transfer to breast ... Read More »
I was not able to breast-feed either of my babies due to medication I take for extremely high cholesterol. I wrote blogs about the physical and social difficulties that I experienced, but wanted to ... Read More »
In my last post I gave you some information that will hopefully make you more physically comfortable if you are unable to breast feed. However, there is a psychological element that you may need to ... Read More »
Breastfeeding is good for you and your baby. It hasn’t always been en vogue, though. While years of research have proven the many benefits of breast milk, when I was an infant, it was more ... Read More »

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