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Zach Wahls Speech: Moving the Nation in Support for Gay Marriage
Posted in Gay Parenting by Lee Trask on Dec 05, 2011
Please watch this clip of Zach Wahls, giving a speech to the Iowa Senate, opposing a House Joint Resolution that would ban gay marriage.

The last line of this young man’s speech is absolutely wrong. “{T}he sexual orientation of my parents has had ZERO effect on the content of my character.”

This is a nineteen year old, who is speaking before the Iowa legislature, without a teleprompter, cue cards or notes written on the palm of his hand (cough, Palin). He is poised, well spoken: a gifted orator. He gives a few statistics about himself: Engineering student, scored in the 99th percentile on his ACT, owns and runs his own small business, was an Eagle Scout. He is giving an impassioned speech about family, and about the Iowa law in relation to same sex marriage. I was riveted to this clip; thinking about what a fine young man this is standing there, unafraid, putting himself, his sister, and the two women who raised him, in the public eye for scrutiny.

Here is where the last line of his speech strikes me: I believe the content of his character has everything to do with the sexual orientation of his parents. His parents are two brave women who; knowing their own families might not embrace their unborn child, went ahead and started a same sex family together, in the Bible Belt. These are two women who; I’m sure, faced bigotry, resistance, and ignorance, but taught their son not only to suffer it, but also stand up against it. These women, so sure of who they are at their core, raised a boy with the same confidence in himself, and with a belief that if you speak out, you can change the world.

Same sex marriage is changing how we see families; and like the Civil Rights Movement, will only be truly successful when the last generation that clings to their bigotry has perished. But, to the many same sex couples here on DailyStrength; who are undergoing IVF, surrogacy, or adoption the good news is that there is a generation coming up that has been raised by same sex parents. This generation, will be the first that finds no difference in the way they were raised, and the way I was raised (by a mom and dad.) My sons, who are 6 and 9, think it is perfectly normal to have two moms or two dads, and you know what? They are absolutely right.

- Lee

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When a person becomes a single parent (either through divorce, death of a spouse, or what ever reason) they are advised to seek out a trusted friend or family member of the other gender to help balance the environment for the child. This is based on observations that children have different yet necessary relationships with their mother and father.

If this advice is true for single parent families, wouldn't the same hold true for single gender marriages?

I guess this is not so much a comment on gay marriage as it is a question about how gay marriages are structured.

Live and let live is my opinion here. Unless and until such time as somebody can prove that children are harmed in such a family I have no problem with it and will continue to cast votes that favor it.
By ThePepperMan  Dec 06, 2011
I strongly agree with the following from the last paragraph of the article: "Same sex the Civil Rights Movement, will only be truly successful when the last generation that clings to their bigotry has perished." The homophobes' time is over; they are dying out. You can't fight progress.

I'm curious -- do you homophobes ever try to question your own beliefs? Do you ever even try to examine why you feel the way you do? I don't get the impression that you do, and I think it is very dangerous for society in general when people have blind convictions.
By Spiky  Dec 06, 2011
darinlunderman: that's a surprising remark coming from a self-proclaimed sexual minority ("I am actually pansexual, have been since I was 13. I just go by bisexual just to cause less confusion.")

Gay marriage happens. Whether it's on paper or not, gay people are having weddings and children and are raising families. They're part of the community now. Either you can deal with it or you can't, but you won't stop it from happening by acting like a child (or any other way).
By Spiky  Dec 06, 2011
By stivesbathroom01  Dec 06, 2011
Whatever, gay marriage is just wrong anyways.
By darinlunderman  Dec 06, 2011
This comment is in reaction to what Barry5 posted:
You said "my bigotry...stems from the Bible, not personal bias"
Whatever people choose to call it, all attitudes stem from personal bias. The important distinction to be make is that some of us tend to prefer to look to facts to support our postions rather than fiction.
It's strange that you defensively ask "Will I be derided for that?" when it is people who share your beliefs that are trying to limit the freedoms of others, not vice versa. No one is forcing you to stop believing as you do. Where do you get this sense of persecution from?
By Spiky  Dec 06, 2011
I'm amused that (cough) Palin, of whom I'm not a fan, is impuned for keeping notes. According to you, everyone should be able to speak without prompting (cough) Obama. The fact is, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. And lady, my bigotry as you call it stems from the Bible, not a personal bias. Will I be derided for that?
By Barry5  Dec 05, 2011

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