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The Family Act of 2011 Gives Tax Credit to Infertility Patients for Treatment Costs
Posted in Infertility by Lee Trask on Jun 10, 2011
If you are struggling with infertility, then you know not only can it drain you emotionally and physically, but it can put a strain on your finances as well. Each state has its own set of laws governing health insurance and infertility. You probably also know that if the state in which you live does mandate some type of coverage, and if your carrier does offer it, it is not extensive. Often times couples cannot continue pursuing their dream of having their own child because they simply don’t have the funds.

Something is being done about it, on a national level. Two weeks ago, The Family Act of 2011 was introduced in the U. S. Senate. This bill would give a tax credit to people who are diagnosed with infertility for out of pocket expenses. It would also give a tax credit to individuals who are undergoing medical procedures to preserve their fertility due to cancer treatments (both men and women).

This is HUGE, ladies and gentlemen. For the first time, there is a possibility of a national plan to help defray the costs of IVF and fertility preservation. However, without Senators backing this bill, it will not pass. If infertility or cancer has had it’s hand in your life, or in the life of anyone you know, you understand how important this is.

The Center for Infertility Injustice, a division of RESOLVE, is leading the push to get this bill passed. They have made it incredibly easy for you to let your Senators know that you want this bill to pass, and they need to fight for it.

RESOLVE has set up an Action Alert System, and it is simple to access. Through this system, it will take only three minutes to send an online letter to your Senators, and you will be able to personalize the letter to include your own story. Being able to express how passionate you are about this bill will be much more of an impact than the standard form letter. Senators need to know what is important to the people they represent, so let them hear your voice!

Here is the direct link to the Action Alert letter.

And for more information, here is the link to RESOLVE/The Center for Infertility Justice.

- Lee

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good topic !!
By johnlasseter  Mar 17, 2012
@Fichen & Rabbit lover...I'm a taxpayer & if I want spend my taxes helping out a couple that is not fortunate enough to conceive naturally then I'm all for it. We will see u change your tune if/when ur "ANXIOUS" azz tries to have a family with ur man and u can't because of all those meds and tapes ur buying now messes u up you'll wish there was some kind of help available to u...smh at u narrow-minded folks...
By kjevans90  Jun 26, 2011
It is not possible to convey how how diametrically opposed I am to including any form of compensation for infertility treatment. Aside from my personal revulsion towards it, the act of including it lessens the bill's chance of passage. Inclusion of the provision seems intent to thwart passage on budgetary grounds.
By FichenDich  Jun 13, 2011
I am sorry but this is not good news to me. I do not think tax payers should be paying for fertility treatments. Some tax payers are religiously opposed to fertility treatments yet they'll have no say about the spending of their tax dollars to support something they disagree with. If you cannot have a child and want one, adopt. There are so many children who need to be adopted. If you have the kind of love in your heart it takes to happily raise a child, does it really have to be your own flesh and blood? I rally hope this doesn't pass.
By iloverabbits  Jun 13, 2011
thats good, to help them.
By poetsnote  Jun 13, 2011
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