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Pregnancy Can Permanently Change Your Hair, Part 4 of Pregnancy Body Changes
Posted in Pregnancy by Lee Trask on Feb 28, 2011
I have always wanted wavy hair. Yes, so much so that in the 80’s, I permed my perfectly straight, fine, blonde hair. It wasn’t pretty. Little did I know that after I gave birth, my hair dreams would all come true. It is one of the leftovers of my pregnancies that I really like.

When you become pregnant, the usual rate at which your hair replaces itself slows down. It may seem like your hair is fuller, thicker. It is, sort of. You aren’t growing more hair, it’s just that you aren’t losing it at your normal rate. Once the baby is born, the rate of hair “turn over” returns to normal. This return may be a shocker, though. I remember thinking I was going completely bald. As my hair started falling out at it’s normal rate again, there seemed to be SO much of it coming out. There was an alarming amount of hair in my shower drain and in my hair-brush. My friend lost so much of the hair at the front of her head all at once, it looked like she’d been shaved. But it was all perfectly normal.

Now, follow that chain of events. Lots of hair that’s been hanging around for longer than usual falls out; then, it all starts being replaced, in a relatively short time span. Once the new hairs start to come in all at once, you may notice short spiky hairs all over your head, sticking out through your normal length hair. Again, perfectly normal; although, hard to style. (My hair stylist says he can tell you how old your baby is by how much of this new, spiky hair is sticking out of your head and how long it is.)

So, once that process has begun, within six months or so, your hair will begin to return to its pre-baby fullness again. The question is, will it be the same type of hair? My hair went from poker straight to wavy, while some women will have the opposite happen (wavy hair straightening out). Some will notice color changes or changes in texture-- from soft and silky to coarse (me again). I actually like the change, because I can go to sleep with wet hair and wake up with waves, or I can blow it straight, an option I’d never had before.


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