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My Infertility Story Part Two: IVF And The Lines On The Pregnancy Stick
Posted in Infertility by Lee Trask on Apr 28, 2011
This is part two of my infertility story. If you missed it, read the first part: Infertility And Learning To "Look On The Bright Side."

Medical Necessity For IVF (And Quickly, Please!)

So, after two and half years of TTC and having every test and surgery known to man performed on my body, the only thing left to do was IVF. I had been waiting to see a very well known doc in LA who was always booked months and months in advance. Unluckily for me, I have to take a cholesterol medication for ridiculously high cholesterol (it’s in the 500’s), and I cannot take it while trying to get pregnant or while pregnant. So, after two and a half years of being off this medicine, both my OB and my cardiologist were getting nervous. They called this famous doc, and pleaded my medical necessity for IVF as soon as possible. He agreed to fit me in, and at our first consult explained that I was a great candidate.

The only thing that the reproductive community cannot test is the body’s ability to get the egg from the ovary to the uterus. All my other tests were normal, and if the problem was the egg’s journey, then he could solve that by putting the egg into the uterus for me. He told me to call him as soon as my period started that month, and I could begin my shots for IVF.

Waiting For AF

My expected date to start my period came and went. I thought nothing of it. I have an extremely irregular period, and had been traveling to South Africa, and had the flu the previous month, so I thought my body was just really whack that month. It NEVER occurred to me that I could be pregnant: I hadn’t used my OPK, had no idea when I’d ovulated, I didn’t even know when we had sex that month (I kept a calendar for all the two and half years before).

Even though I didn’t think I was pregnant, I took a pregnancy test. Why? Because for every one of the 30 months before that whenever I’d take a pregnancy test and it would be negative, I’d get my period later that day-- it was like a switch got flipped by seeing that “negative,” my mind would let go of the hope that this month was “it,” and then my body would let go of the lining of my uterus. So, wanting to get started on IVF shots, I figured I’d just take the test, see that it was negative and then my period would start.

I woke up at 4AM to take a phone call from London, peed on the stick, stuck it on my night stand and went back to sleep. When I got up later that morning, I looked at the stick... two lines. I screamed. The surprised-beyond-belief-high-pitched-just-won-the-lottery scream: I was pregnant.

I had a blissfully easy pregnancy, and delivered a beautiful baby boy. A year later, we decided to start trying again. We were so optimistic, thinking our luck had changed, and we were looking forward to trying again. This time, a new type of miserable lay ahead.

- Lee

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