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How I Found My Cure for Meniere's Disease
Posted in Meniere's Disea... by Lee Trask on Nov 23, 2011
This is one of the happiest follow-up blogs I’ve ever written. I posted a week or so ago about being diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. It is an inner ear disturbance, affecting one ear. It is of unknown origin, with no cure. I have a mild form, (only roaring in my ear, partial hearing loss and mild vertigo,) but it can cause severe vertigo, vomiting, and complete hearing loss. I was diagnosed and told by my ENT that my only option was a diuretic to reduce the fluid in my ear, but there was nothing to stop the inevitable decline. He’s a great doc: he did 4 surgeries on my son, starting when he was only 18 months old. I couldn’t believe that’s all he had to offer.

Not at all happy with the idea of slowly losing my hearing; and possibly falling down and throwing up, I started down the research path and discovered an article about a chiropractor in Michigan, Dr. Burcon. Years ago, he had patients in his practice who were suffering from MD, and had a quick recovery from vertigo after adjustment to the upper cervical vertebrae. He began piecing together histories and discovered that past injuries, (on average, 15 years old and primarily whiplash,) had left these patients with an unresolved upper cervical misalignment that resulted, years later, in the development of Meniere’s due to compression, “creating a lesion affecting the Eustachian tube and/or the Trigeminal ganglion.”

He developed a specific protocol of care, and was able to eliminate vertigo in 291 out of 300 patients. I contacted him directly at his Michigan office, and he told me more about the treatment, and whom I could see in the Los Angeles area, (there are only two chiropractors who are well versed in this treatment.)

I had my first visit with Dr. Drew Hall, in Carson, on Tuesday. After a series of tests and 9 x-rays, he told me my skull and spinal column were indeed misaligned, and showed me where and by how much (only 2 mm!) After two tiny adjustments, I went home with the same roaring/rushing sound in my ear that I’d had for five months.

However, when I woke up the next day, it was gone, and I could hear perfectly well. No kidding. As explained, and as I already understood about chiropractic, adjustments don’t hold (especially if the injury is old, and the body has been compensating for it for years.) So, by the end of the day, the roaring was back, but not nearly as loud. I went again today, and will go every two days or so, until the muscles and tendons in my neck begin to return to their healthy position. This may take a few months, but the fact that I woke up symptom free and able to hear after 5 months, made me a very happy person. Dr. Hall told me “If you aren’t greatly improved by the end of this, I must be doing something wrong and you can blame me, because I know this works.” I believe him 100%.

Moral of the story? Be your own advocate, don’t blindly listen to one doctor, think outside the Western Medicine box, try everything. And if you find something that works, share it with everyone you can!!!

- Lee

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Your article saved me! I went to see Dr. Drew a few days later and also found my cure for Meniere's. Thank you, Lee!!
By TomOBrien  Oct 03, 2015
How has the chiropractic work been helping with your MD? It's been several years since this post, so I'm wondering how it worked out long-term. Thanks!
By katierun  Aug 18, 2015
hi im 34 yrs old and my doctors say that i have menieres disease i dont know what to do , they said i need to eat low sodium foods , im so scared to eat maybe it will trigger my vertigo and migraine. its hard coz i cant work and i cant walk alone outside. so scared to sleep coz when im woke up it spinning around, my ent gave me meds and it helps but still im bit dizzy.please help me to my low sodium diet i dont know what food to eat. thank you
By HoneyZethAvila  Jun 07, 2015
Chiropractic treatment does not cure this disease, you need to be treated by an Upper Cervical Care doctor. They do a specialize treatment that most common practicing Chiropractors do not. If you want to this to work for you, you can't just be treated by a Chiropractor.
By bdalusong  Feb 13, 2015
Dear Lee Trask, I cannot thank you enough for your post. After reading your story, I searched the internet for an Upper Cervical Care Doctor and found Dr. Drew Hall in Los Angeles, CA I began treatment with Dr. Drew Hall in September, 2014 and I've also been cured from Meniere's Disease. After suffering for almost 2 years with Tinnitus causing me to be 80% deaf and Vertigo I now can hear again, the fluid has drained from my inner ear and it's been 5 months without a vertigo attack. I'm so blessed to have found Dr. Hall, Thank you again...Dr. Hall saved my life and my hearing. Sincerely, Brenda D.
By bdalusong  Feb 13, 2015
Nice! I wish it worked for regular Tinnitus, too. Been living with that for 4 years. No fun!
By McMurdo  Jan 02, 2015
Hi Lee Could you please update us on your progress since 2011. Are your MD symptoms still gone? Many Thanks Judy
By Judy3131  Oct 15, 2014
I just want to say thank you to Lee Trask for her posting about upper cervical chiropractic care. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and decided after 7 years with MD to give it a try. I had my 2nd adjustment the other day and noticed an improvement in my hearing. I am very excited about the idea that I may finally benefit from some kind of noninvasive treatment. So I joined this group to say Thank you Lee Trask :)
By NYNancy  Mar 05, 2014
My name is Mark. new to your site. I'm 40 and got diagnosed with MD 2 years ago. my first 6 months was Rough! I've made allot of changes in my life and am feeling not to bad these days. I tried chiropractic and feel it helped? mine did not know about it though i had to get her up to speed? I think i'll see about a better one?
By Devlinair  Feb 14, 2014
Are u sure you weren't suffering from benign positional vertigo instead??
By calady50  Nov 17, 2013
I've had three periods of Meniere's followed by a remission when things became 'normal' again. The first was in 1984. Each case was treated a bit differently, brain cyst removal, diuretics, then when drop attacks occurred and hearing was gone on the affected side we resorted to gentamycin injections (three). So, I'm very careful not to say I'm cured as the next series may start any time. Just grateful to be feeling good again.

Bill Ag
By BillAg  Aug 29, 2013
Lee Trask - it would be good if you did a follow up blog on how this is 2 years on
By lan27  Apr 03, 2013
I am considering seeing a chiropractor after reading your blog. Are you still symptom free from Meniere's?
By Likes2BOutside  Oct 29, 2012
How are you doing after nearly a year of this treatment? Considering the same therapy and curious to see if it's helping you in the long term.
By jballreno  Sep 04, 2012
I am suffering from MD also and have for over a year. It is very frustrating to live with and I suffered panic attacks because of it because I did not know what was happening to me. I have a loud roar in my left ear and a lot of imbalance. It started with vomiting and passing out but has now been better at times. I take Meclizine when I feel one coming on. It helps. I have been thinking about acupuncture or chiropractic to see if I can find a better solution. Thanks you for all of your input. It helps me to know I am not alone.
By chrisavh  Jul 23, 2012
Thank you for posting your blog. I was diagnosed with Meniere's last summer. Someone recommended that I research Upper Cervical Care. I have been receiving treatment for less than a year now; balance back, no more loud noise and pressure in my right ear, and off the low sodium diet. Had a hearing test done last week, and found out that the low tones that I had lost last year are coming back. So grateful for Upper Cervical Care. I urge everyone to research this to see if it can help them as it has for me and many others suffering with Meniere's.
By ruthrsunnyaz  Jun 27, 2012
I have been dealing with this for about 4-5 years. I just found out what was going on today, after the last episode of vertigo landed me in the E.R., I thought I was going crazy because I couldnt even go into the store (flourescent lights) without wearing my sun glasses. I want to call my chiropractor after reading this, just to see if it could possibly help me. I am a full time mother of a 2 year old who is very demanding and at times, I feel like it is unfair to him because I don't "feel well" more often than I care to admit, but I force myself through things, which leaves me feeling even more tired and more ill...Ive never joined anything like this, and it's kinda crazy to me, but Im completely open to ideas and excited to learn that there is finally help.
By Jonahsmommy  Apr 21, 2012
Interesting and thanks for sharing. I am happy that you seem to have found something that has worked for you. However, I have to be cautious about this treatment may NOT work for everyone with Meniere's. I am in the Health Care profession and have had Meniere's since June 2010. Have seen and researched and almost tried everything. I did have a series of Cervical Chiropractic treatments done about 3 months which seemed to help but not treat the underlying Meniere's. Also tried Acupuncture (helps symptoms for 1 to 2 days but wears off). However, you never know. I am going get a consultation with Dr. Drew Hall soon and try it out. Can not hurt.
By edcheung  Jan 07, 2012
Dear Lee,
Glad you are feeling better for the holidays. More info about treatment at or for your free Meniere's Health Talk DVD. MD is caused by whiplash injuries and can be corrected with specific upper cervical adjustments. It takes an average of 15 years from the time of the truama until the onset of the symptoms.
Good health, Dr Burcon
By drburcon  Dec 24, 2011
Being a chiropractor I am happy to read your results, however there are a lot different approaches in chiropractic so be informed, misalignments can cause a variety of conditions but not all conditions are caused by misalignments
By DrDale  Nov 26, 2011

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