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Don't Let Infertility Ruin The Romance: Baby Making Is Better Than Botox!
Posted in Pregnancy by Lee Trask on Jan 11, 2011
I remember the years when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. We had “unexplained infertility,” and were beyond sad/frustrated/angry. We had run every test (on both of us). I had even undergone surgery to be sure we weren’t dealing with blocked tubes or endometriosis. Everything came back normal. We were perfectly healthy, and childless.

Well-meaning people who knew we were trying would say, “Well, at least you get to have a lot of sex, it must be fun trying to get pregnant every month.” If they only knew how un-sexy sex can become when you are trying year after year, literally at the mercy of a calendar, with doctors visits and charts and ovulation kits.

There was one month that my husband was working in Toronto, and I flew there, to sit in his hotel room, day after day, waiting to ovulate. It was finally his shoot day (he’s a director for TV commercials), and that morning the ovulation kit said “GO.”

Well, he had a producer and a crew all waiting for him on set, (and I had a cab waiting to take me to the airport to go back to LA), and I screamed at him that all he had to do was focus and do his part; he screamed at me that he wasn’t a stud dog, and then put his fist through the bathroom wall at the Four Seasons. Yeah, trying to get pregnant can be SO much fun sometimes.

So, for those of you who might be in the same situation: I read an article this morning online that can give you seven good reasons to have sex OTHER than trying to make a baby. The headline was Better than Botox: 7 Reasons To Have Sex Tonight.

Better than Botox? Count me in! In a nutshell, the reasons are:
1) Look 5-7 years younger

2) Be happier

3) Burn calories

4) Increase your immune system

5) Lower your blood pressure

6) Decrease your chances of heart attack

7) Live longer

For the full story, click here.

So if you have lost some enthusiasm due to planned sex for baby making purposes, this month, focus on all the good things you are doing for your mental and physical health instead. Take the stress off of whether or not you are going to get pregnant, and just know that you are doing good for your body!


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