Licensed Psychotherapist
Licensed psychotherapist Julie Hanks, LCSW was recently recognized as the number one online depression influencer by Sharecare for her extensive work promoting mental health resources online. Hanks has over 20 years in the mental…
“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.” ― Brené Brown Public shaming is becoming an increasingly popular discipline strategy for desperate parents seeking to curb their child’s bad behavior. From viral videos or photos with teens holding signs on a street corner saying “I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at my school dance” to ... Read More »
As a parent, I often find it easier to focus on my children’s physical necessities (food, shelter, clothing, grooming) and social requirements (education, relationships) than on their emotional ... Read More »
Do you wish that you had more energy? I do. I often look at my six-year-old with envy as she jumps out of bed, full of life and excited to face the adventure of the day. But unlike my six-year-old ... Read More »
Do you fly off the handle for “no reason”? Have you been accused of being “hot-headed”? When the emotional intensity of your behavior doesn’t match the situation at hand, you are ... Read More »
Even in the age of Facebook, most of our friends live geographically close ... Read More »
Parenting is considered one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ... Read More »
Self-care is crucial, especially when you are taking care of children. Yet moms often feel guilty when they take time for themselves, fearing that it will harm their children. Watch the following ... Read More »
When you hear domestic abuse, you think of bumps and bruises. But domestic abuse isn't just physical, it's also psychological. In this video, Sharecare expert ... Read More »
The holiday cards are all put away, the decorations are stuffed back in ... Read More »
During the winter months, about 15% of Americans suffer from a mood disorder known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). ... Read More »

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