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Leave Your Worries Here
Posted in Alcoholism by Julie Cohen on Jul 25, 2008

I was talking to a colleague of mine awhile back and she told me about this wonderful project she was working on with many of her adolescent clients at a local high school.   She hung a huge piece of paper on one of the walls and told the students if they wanted to they could write down anonymously anything that they were worried about.

The premise being that, if only for a moment, they could write their worries down they might also be able to lay their worries down and relax.  The response from the teens was amazing and one by one they each wrote something and also found comfort in reading each other's responses.  Even though it remained anonymous they felt a connection to each other. 

Her exercise reminded me a lot of Daily Strength and how members find peace of mind through sharing their stories in the communities.  Awhile back I posted in the anxiety community about this exercise and called it, "leave your worries here."  Just like the teens, some members found great relief in posting their worries and leaving it.  The post became a tangible place to take the ruminating voices inside and place them outside leaving the mind hopefully a little quieter. 

Eventually, the post fell too far back behind other posts and disappeared.  But I thought I would again offer a space on DS to write your worries down via the comment section.  If you are ruminating and anxious and feel comfortable doing so please feel free to leave your worries here.  Also, if you don't feel comfortable, but find the idea intriguing, try journaling this exercise or even post a list on your refrigerator. 

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I worry about my health.
I worry about my kids.
I worry about my mom and brother.
I worry that after my divorce I could handle things.
I worry that my fears stay under control..or maybe i worry that I have the energy to conquer my fears.
By kathy536  Apr 18, 2011
I worry that one day my husband will go to far and really hurt me.
By Debeachic0711  May 24, 2010
I worry that my agoraphobia will worsen and I will be under voluntary house arrest for the rest of my life.
I worry that I will never get back to being my old self again.
I worry that my appetite will never get back to normal and that I'll never want to eat pasta again.
By Vintageangelme08  Sep 30, 2009
i worry that i am a failure
By busygirl84  Sep 07, 2009
i worry that i will end up alone and unloved
i worry that nothing i do will be good enough
i worry that i will never stop feeling this way
i worry (sometimes) that being depressed may actually lead me to end my life by mistake. then it will all have been a waste
i worry that people will forget about me
i worry that no one likes me
i worry that i will never be happy
i worry that i will never learn to love myself
i worry that she will stop loving me and i will fall apart
i worry that i worry so much
i just worry.....
By busygirl84  Sep 07, 2009
I worry that my children won't understand the value of selfless service
I worry that I will never be good enough
I worry that we'll end up on the streets like so many other families
I worry that I'll never make a difference
I worry that my husband doesn't know Jesus
I worry there is no future.
By RoxysMom1  Jan 27, 2009
I worry that I'm going to lose my job.
I worry that I'll never get over depression.
I worry that I'll never feel normal.
I worry that I'll never be happy.
I worry about my kids.
I worry about everything. Even things I can't control. Even people I don't know.
I worry that I worry too much.
By gingeraanne  Nov 18, 2008
I worry about whether I picked right when I took up with my man.
I worry something is going to happen to him.
I worry that my parents are not doing as well as they let on.
By MDLF  Nov 18, 2008
I am worried I will never heal from my past abuse.
I am worried I will be stuck in the hole of negative self-statements.
I am worried my counselor is not helping me anymore.
I am just worried. blah!
By Amurphy01  Oct 24, 2008
I worry about money so much it keeps me up at night.
I worry about most other things also.
By poisonberry  Oct 14, 2008
I worried I can`t do anything just stuck there waiting for the bad things happen.I worried I do the wrong thing that can proved me I am not good .
By Michaelchen  Sep 18, 2008
I worry that everyone will think i'm insane when i'm just unwell.
I worry that nothing will be the same again.
I worry that i will give in to the voices, before i get a chance for the medication to work.
By ConstantKnot  Sep 08, 2008
I worry that by not having insurance my hubby and I both will not get the right medical help we need .
I worry about not having the funds to pay for our meds.
I worry that one or both of us will give up on life
I am thankfull for God and his wisdom
I am thankfull for our Son and Daughter and their familes
I am thankfull for the friends I have meet on here.
By krickette1961  Aug 16, 2008
I worry that I won't get any better and I will feel like this forever.
I worry that God won't forgive me for all the things I have done.
I worry that I might do something that I don't really want to do.
I worry about everything !!!!!!!!!!!!
By Dizzybee  Aug 14, 2008
i worry about my daughter, my job, finances, loneliness, my food addiction, my codependence.
By swtgapeach  Aug 10, 2008
Thank you for the idea of having students write down their worries anonymously. I am about to start my student teaching semester and I would like to use this in the classroom.

I am worried about student teaching. I have classroom experience. I've been a church school teacher for 5 years and a teacher aide for two. I have been feeling very anxious lately.

I am always anxious this time of year. I don't like the end of summer.
By GreatDaneMom  Aug 09, 2008
I worry about my kids and grandkids and my sisters choice to give into cancer.
By hippymama  Aug 08, 2008
I worry about everything even things I know I can't do anything about.
By Hapless  Aug 03, 2008
I am worried about what I will do if my parents find out just how sick I really am what they will say to me and what I will have to say back.
By feeling2008  Aug 02, 2008
I worry that I won't have the strength to get my personal BS under control before it costs me what I can't afford to lose
By HopefulWanderer  Jul 31, 2008

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