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Studies of parental depression usually focus on mothers, but depression in fathers can also negatively affect a young child’s health and development. In the study, “... Read More »
Humans seem to be in a constant search for the fountain of youth. Some embark on quests that are healthier than others, but now it appears that one way to increase our longevity is through having a ... Read More »
It is no longer unusual for a woman to have her first, and second, child after 35. This trend is increasing. According to government statistics, approximately 40% of all women who gave birth for the ... Read More »
This seems like a dramatic treatment for fibromyalgia pain, but if you’ve had your life turned upside down by fibro maybe it’s not. An investigational device used for magnetic stimulation deep in ... Read More »
I’m sure you’ve heard the new idea in the fight against obesity in America. The Mayor of New York is proposing a ban on large servings of soda and other sugary drinks at restaurants, delis, ... Read More »
Obese and overweight girls more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors compared to normal weight girls according to a recent study. It’s not the first time this has been shown to be true and ... Read More »
I think we all know lead is something that we try to avoid, particularly when it comes to our children. Research has shown that at certain blood levels, it can lead to behavioral and developmental ... Read More »
This is the real deal. The dermatology and plastic surgery literature has been a buzz the last year about using cryolipolysis to melt away abdominal fat. Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive way to ... Read More »
The DSM-IV-TR, or the manual used by doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists among others, is currently under reconstruction. It's ... Read More »
Bend Your Knees Most people know that to lift a heavy object, you should not bend over at the waist; but instead, keep your back straight, bend at the knees, and lift the object by ... Read More »

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