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Taking calcium supplements has long been promoted because of its potential benefit on bone health. In the last few years,however, concerns have been raised about the potential adverse effect of high ... Read More »
My kids are still a bit young to have a Facebook page (according to our house rules) but my husband and I are already trying to convey the message that what you post on any social networking site ... Read More »
I have always been struck by how many of my patients reference Dear Abby when talking about a difficult decision they faced. Dear Abby’s advice spanned from basic to difficult moral issues. RIP ... Read More »
A recent study in Europe revealed some startling results about the healthcare costs associated with headache. It now raises the question: if the cost of headache is so high, why does it get the short ... Read More »
So much has been written about the modern dilemma men are facing. In the past, it was women who were struggling to have it all. They wanted to have well paying careers, children, and a fulfilling ... Read More »
Around 1 million couples around the world undergo fertility treatments every year. Even more struggle with the unanswered questions about why they cannot conceive. In general, about one third of ... Read More »
Cannabis use disorders (abuse or dependence) are present in 4% of adolescents and 6% of young adults. There really aren’t any medication options for the treatment of marijuana dependence. Now, ... Read More »
According to the Annenberg Public Policy Center, despite common views, most suicides do not occur in the winter. This has been a long held belief and even clinicians will offer evidence of this from ... Read More »
In the wake of the atrocities that took place last Friday in Connecticut, at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, the media and the Internet has been flooded with counsel about how to process this event ... Read More »
Posted in Children Of Div... by Lee Trask on Dec 18, 2012
This past Friday was an unbelievably tragic day. Typically, I am supposed to write these blogs about the communities that I oversee – Pregnancy, Infertility, Childbirth, etc. But I can’t ... Read More »

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