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Posted in Children Of Div... by Lee Trask on Dec 18, 2012
This past Friday was an unbelievably tragic day. Typically, I am supposed to write these blogs about the communities that I oversee – Pregnancy, Infertility, Childbirth, etc. But I can’t ... Read More »
So just the other day I was TV channeling and landed on an ESPN segment about a possible Pop Warner football coach putting “bounties” out on players from opposing teams (see below for link.) Not ... Read More »
During the course of a physical exam I have with an adolescent, the routine discussion of drug use will make its way into the conversation. Frankly, if it didn’t occur, I wouldn’t be doing my ... Read More »
A less invasive way to improve the lives of those suffering from Uterine Fibroids: One in five women may have fibroids during their childbearing years, and fibroids are present in half of all women ... Read More »
A study recently done by Tony Lai and Karl Swann, at Cardiff University in Britain, has shown that certain types of male infertility can be reversed with a single protein. These two doctors led the ... Read More »
Hair loss is a cause of anxiety and distress in both men and women. Until now, there haven’t been great treatments for hair loss in women (androgenic alopecia.) Men have been successfully using ... Read More »
You’re pregnant. It’s official. You’re past the magical “12 week” threshold. You’ve told family and friends. Hopefully you’re not too sick. You’re already thinking about things like ... Read More »
Can peas replace Prozac pills and apples replace Abilify tablets? Hippocrates, who believed in the healing power of nature, may have been on to something when he advised us nearly 25 centuries ago to ... Read More »
Posted in Health Insuranc... by Lee Trask on Nov 02, 2012
I didn’t travel outside of this country until I was 30 years old. I had such a narrow understanding of the differences of cultures on this planet and really had very little appreciation for the ... Read More »
Well over 4 years ago, I was proud to have my office participate in what I felt would become a landmark research study assessing whether boys (just like their female counterparts) were starting ... Read More »

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