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A few years ago, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was made available for all girls ages 11 to 12 and for all women up to age 26 who haven’t received the vaccine or all 3 of its doses. At ... Read More »
A Swedish medical team has transplanted uteruses from two women in their 50s to their daughters. In the United States there is a group in Indiana actively recruiting women interested in undergoing ... Read More »
Do you ever wonder where the ideas come from for groundbreaking surgeries? There are skulls from Egyptian times with holes bored in them…were these the first attempts at brain surgery, and who ... Read More »
Skin and tonsils are related? Would a tonsillectomy help people who have psoriasis? We don’t know. What we do know is that patients with psoriasis are nine times more likely to have enlarged ... Read More »
Nearly 20 years ago, I was just finishing up my undergraduate years and working in a lab that primarily was involved with HIV/AIDS research. It was a rather large lab: MD's, PHD's, post-docs, and ... Read More »
I have a very close family friend, and she is the Secretary of Health for the state of Washington. She was asked what the number one thing was that she thought could change the quality of health of ... Read More »
Although it typically doesn’t receive the same attention as some of the other early childhood topics, a snoring child is certainly something not to be ignored. Previous studies have found an ... Read More »
A male birth control pill is one step closer to becoming a reality. Researchers have tested a hormone free drug that rendered mice infertile by causing the testes to “forget” how to make mature ... Read More »
Whether one struggles with an addiction or disorder, lifelong recovery is the goal of treatment. This is achieved through a wide array of therapeutic approaches that often include individual and ... Read More »
Our hospital is on the lookout and the CDC has put out the word. The West Nile virus has never struck the U.S. as hard as it is striking now. The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. is now 1,118 ... Read More »

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