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Butter what? You will be hearing a ton about butterbur in the next year for headache prevention and here is why. Updated guidelines from the American Headache society and the American Academy of ... Read More »
A 28-year-old Houston woman gave birth to sextuplets on Monday this week, April 23rd. They are an exact matching set: three boys and three girls, weighing in range from one pound 10 ounces, to two ... Read More »
When it comes to women’s mental health there has long been controversy over where premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) fits in. The next version of the manual for diagnosis in psychiatry (the ... Read More »
I remember going through my infertility treatments, treating my body like a temple. I ate organically, eschewed my beloved Diet Coke and sushi, got plenty of sleep, and did yoga. But I couldn’t get ... Read More »
Sleeping 6-8 hours a night appears to be the sweet spot. Sleeping too much or too little appears to put your heart at risk according to large study just released. People who slept less than 6 ... Read More »
Not surprisingly, a new study has shown that there is a correlation between those who frequently update their Facebook status and have many friends and the likelihood that they are Narcissists. This ... Read More »
Arthritis of the knee causes progressive loss of cartilage which leads to chronic pain. No treatments have been proven to slow its progression. People with knee arthritis frequently ask me ... Read More »
But is it really just a combo of two known medications? There is a new, well sort of, kid in town. In February the FDA approved a new weight loss drug. Read more closely and you will see that ... Read More »
If you are surfing this site, my guess is you are already dealing with infertility. Maybe you are just starting your search for support, or perhaps you have been struggling with infertility for ... Read More »
Random notable study of the week is this: men who are circumcised before their first sexual intercourse have a significantly lower risk for prostate cancer than do uncircumcised men. Four ... Read More »

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