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Much of the answer to this question lies with how aggressively parents have pursued an autism diagnosis (the earlier the better) and have accessed the Early Intervention service system.
For patients with fibromyalgia, you should find a board certified Rheumatologist that specializes in autoimmune diseases and treatments. Consider doing an online internet search for local ... Read More »
Substance addiction is rampant throughout our country, and every year thousands of people die from overdose. Loved ones of the deceased continue to ask the same questions: “Why didn’t he stop ... Read More »
Breast cancer detection is vital especially when one out of seven to eight women will develop a form of breast cancer in her life. The earliest detection can be performed by self-breast ... Read More »
Red flags of an abusive relationship include irrational and jealous accusations, stalking behavior, threats of violence--basically, one partner exerting control over another through direct or ... Read More »
A difficult circumstance if the elder in question is living at home or with the abuser rather than in a licensed facility. This generally involves family dynamics and relationships that may have gone ... Read More »
Many of our adult problems come from the fact that our parents weren't emotional with us as kids. Successful relationships require that we peel back this frustration and don't hide from the intimacy ... Read More »
While you may think that lashing out or hitting a pillow or a punching bag helps you release tension, the opposite is true. It teaches you to develop a behavior pattern: Get mad, punch. Get mad, get ... Read More »
If we take a moment to look at life honestly, we will find that most of our discomfort comes from dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. When we do not d this, we usually find that in ... Read More »
It is not recommended that anyone limit his or her intake of fluids during a fast. Fasting too frequently or for periods of more than several days may have unwanted side effects. A qualified ... Read More »

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