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Everyone family looks a little bit different and every parent has their own comfort level when it comes to discussing sexuality with their children. There is a great deal of information out there ... Read More »
My last post was called “The Great Imposter,” because TMJ is a disease that takes many different forms and manifests itself in different patients in different ways. Because of this, TMJ is like ... Read More »
EIGHT. When a new patient comes to my office for treatment of their TMJ symptoms, the average number of health care professionals that they have seen prior to me is eight. These include, but are ... Read More »
Back and neck pain are common complaints in the doctor’s office. Back pain is a part of life but there are several things you can ask yourself and then report to your doctor that will help you ... Read More »
If someone you know and love has experienced a miscarriage or hasn’t been able to become pregnant, they are undoubtedly in your thoughts, and you will want to say something, anything, that will ... Read More »
Dealing with infertility or miscarriage has it’s own strange way of warping the everyday things that would normally bring great joy. Take a baby shower, for instance. At any other time, when your ... Read More »
I got a text today from a friend who has been TTC (trying to conceive) for two years. She had gone to her RE (reproductive endocrinologist) this morning, to have some tests run, and had not gotten ... Read More »
Patients ask me in the office why their nose runs with certain foods. Really any food can do it but hot and spicy foods often give people watery rhinorrhea (runny nose) which occurs immediately after ... Read More »
With so much misinformation about milk thistle out there it is important to focus on the known benefits along with potential risks. The scientific name of milk thistle is Silymarin Marianum and it ... Read More »
Even though it seems like summer vacation just started, I’ve definitely noticed some recurring themes over the past few weeks. And since I always like to keep my fellow DailyStrength members in ... Read More »

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