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The stories of parents describing the transformation of their previously healthy children into children with autism are strong and common, but large-scale epidemiologic studies in a number of ... Read More »
Fibromyalgia like many other disorders often called disease is actually a syndrome, a collective set of symptoms that remains the same within the identified group. This does not make it any less ... Read More »
Cancer is called recurrent when it come backs after treatment. Recurrence can be local (in the same breast or near the mastectomy scar) or in a distant area. Cancer that is found in the opposite ... Read More »
Abuse can be physical, verbal or mental (also known as “psychological” or “emotional”) Mental abuse occurs when a person in the relationship tries to control information available to another ... Read More »
Here are ways to help your child make friends and adapt to moving to new surrounds: Visit the surroundings As soon as convenient, let your kids get acquainted. Go to the local library, ... Read More »
You can overcome an addiction by first admitting you have a problem and seeking treatment. "Overcoming" an addiction is different from "curing" an addiction. If you had diabetes and went to a ... Read More »
To jump-start you on your road to weight loss and a healthier life, reduce portion size by dividing your 8-inch (no larger) dinner plate into four sections. One fourth gets whole grains, one half ... Read More »
You will see changes right away but not in the way you think. First of all you will notice an increase in energy when starting your exercise program. Also when on the right program you will also ... Read More »
Much of the answer to this question lies with how aggressively parents have pursued an autism diagnosis (the earlier the better) and have accessed the Early Intervention service system.
For patients with fibromyalgia, you should find a board certified Rheumatologist that specializes in autoimmune diseases and treatments. Consider doing an online internet search for local ... Read More »

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