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Most of us assume that you have to be as skinny as a coaxial cable to be healthy, but the truth is that plenty of so-called thin people are less fit and less healthy than so-called heavy people. ... Read More »
The doctor or pathologist who examines your tissue sample will likely use one of the following descriptions to diagnose your condition: • Hormone receptor status - If you have hormone receptor ... Read More »
You need to be on the lookout for signs that other people may be mistreating your child, and nowhere is that more important than in the area of sexual abuse. Male offenders are more common than ... Read More »
It is hard to comprehend why anyone would abuse a child, least of all their parents. It is easy to judge; to say, "I would never do such a thing" but sometimes not easy to do. The only difference ... Read More »
Miscarriages are relatively common. As a matter of fact, up to 50% of all pregnancies can end in some sort of miscarriage. Most of the time, that happens extremely early in pregnancy, and most women ... Read More »
We can link only 10 to 13 percent of ovarian cancers to hereditary causes. Talking with your doctor is especially important for women with a strong family history (mother, daughter or sister) of ... Read More »
Eyeliner has long been used to set off eyes and accentuate lashes, but new research is indicating that eyeliner applied too close to the inside of your lid may not be so kind to your eyes. While ... Read More »
We don’t know for sure, but one major contribution seems to be the increasing recognition of developmental problems in children by professionals like me. The single most frequent referral question ... Read More »
No fibromyalgia is not a mental health illness, it is a biological disorder characterized by body-wide pain and tenderness, disordered non-restorative sleep (confirmed in sleep studies), and ... Read More »
Child abuse can be emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse. Children are abducted and children are sold. The trauma of child abuse is life long and often remains in the ... Read More »

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