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Just like women, men although less common, can develop breast cancer. Any suspicious mass in the male breast should be diagnosed with a tissue biopsy and if necessary evaluated by a general surgeon. ... Read More »
How do you deal with a toxic person if they are your spouse, mother, child, best friend, or someone you work with everyday? Set boundaries, set boundaries and reinforce your boundaries.
Fibromyalgia and arthritis are related in that they both cause pain. It is not unusual for arthritis to be a contributor to fibromyalgia pain and vice versa. However, this is where the similarities ... Read More »
You may be at increased risk for miscarriage if you're pregnant and... - have had three or more miscarriages. - are older than 35. - you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs. - have a ... Read More »
Domestic abuse: Victims of domestic abuse may have frequent bruises or injuries that are said to be accidents. Victims may suffer from depression, frequent crying, frequent and ... Read More »
After the loss, you might be stunned or shocked. You might be asking, "Why me?" You might feel guilty that you did or didn't do something to cause your pregnancy to end. You might feel cheated and ... Read More »
The good news is that social skills can easily be taught. Studies from UCLA and Duke University -- as well as countless of other child development institutions -- prove that even children with the ... Read More »
The first thing you should do is congratulate yourself, for the courage it takes to make such a recognition. Secondly, seek help! Based on what is being asked here I think before you simply enter a ... Read More »
To lose a pound of fat, you must burn off 3,500 calories. To break it down into manageable chunks, this means burning off 500 calories more per day than you take in. Do this seven days in a row and ... Read More »
The diagnostic category of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) refers to a group of disorders characterized by delays in the development of socialization and communication skills. Parents ... Read More »

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