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It is not recommended that anyone limit his or her intake of fluids during a fast. Fasting too frequently or for periods of more than several days may have unwanted side effects. A qualified ... Read More »
Cannibis sativa (more commonly known as marijuana) contains chemical compounds called cannabinoids
To help your child feel emotionally safe after a tragedy: - Anticipate Concerns: Kids zero in on those violent terms faster than we do and depending on their age may misinterpret those events. ... Read More »
Substance abuse disorders are interesting disorders. They are hallmarked by denial and minimization. When a family member has concerns about a loved one’s substance use confronting them, while ... Read More »
Loss is fundamental to the human predicament. It is not something we can control, prevent, or change. We can, however, control how we relate to loss. And how we relate to loss will determine how we ... Read More »
Because of the "energy deficiency" in fibromyalgia, too much exercise can cause you to "crash" and be bedridden the following day. On the other hand, too little exercise results in deconditioning and ... Read More »
Physical exercise is like a natural wonder drug for your brain and body. It gets your heart to pump life-giving blood into your brain, supplying more oxygen, glucose and nutrients that your brain ... Read More »
While diet hasn’t been shown to affect fibromyalgia symptoms directly, it plays an important part in your health. It is easy to develop bad food habits when you are dealing with fibromyalgia pain, ... Read More »
Here are some results from research on happiness:
- People who score high on psychological tests assessing happiness produce about 50 percent more antibodies that the average person in ... Read More »
Like peanut butter and pickles, smoking and physical fitness just don't belong together. It's not just because smokers are less likely to exercise; it's because smoking actually impacts your body's ... Read More »

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