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Medications used to treat migraines show no real difference in effectiveness. Those were the findings from a recent large review of previous studies. This is important to you if you are paying a ton ... Read More »
Anyone with children in middle school or above surely have dealt with head lice in their own household or received that once or twice a year note from the school nurse stating lice “has been found ... Read More »
Do you wish that you had more energy? I do. I often look at my six-year-old with envy as she jumps out of bed, full of life and excited to face the adventure of the day. But unlike my six-year-old ... Read More »
So I’m taking a little break from my usual sharing of research articles or medical guidelines pertaining to our children to really just vent or shall I say, express my sadness in the fact my ... Read More »
Foodies, Chew-watchers, and enjoyers of life, alert: Health educator, TV host, and author Daphne Oz has a new book out. Hitting store shelves ... Read More »
How to Talk to Your Children about the Boston Bombing By: Jeremy Shapiro My heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedy that occurred in Boston last week. I am also extremely ... Read More »
It is difficult to write about a tragedy just after it has occurred because it forces us to review the details of a horrific event-- but it is cathartic as well. Looking at the Boston bombing through ... Read More »
Summer is just around the corner and I know many of us will be spending more time outdoors, which means greater amounts of sun exposure. And with more sun exposure, it’s hard not to think ... Read More »
Even in the age of Facebook, most of our friends live geographically close ... Read More »
Egg white omelets and Egg Busters are popular ways to get around eating an egg, a real egg. Eggs are high in protein and low in carbs, which is great, but for years people have been told to stay away ... Read More »

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