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Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates are high and rising, especially amongst young men. The problem is, as primary care physicians, we aren’t very good at providing a setting where men feel ... Read More »
Posted in Pregnancy by Lee Trask on Jun 07, 2012
When I was pregnant for the first time, I was prepared for all sorts of discomforts. I was not, however, prepared to experience a fractured rib due to being kicked, (from the inside,) by my own, ... Read More »
Well, best I can say that in my “neck of the woods,” it certainly feels like it. This past weekend temperatures just fell short of 100 degrees. With all 3 of my kids playing 1-2 games this past ... Read More »
Now that we are solidly into spring and the summer heat is right around the corner, I’m seeing a shift of some of the illnesses and conditions walking through my office doors these days. And ... Read More »
The topic of allergies can be a rather vast and never ending area of discussion. So with the pollen count being so high where I live these days; what I’d like to do is simply share a scenario or ... Read More »
If you are over 35 years old, and trying to conceive using IUI, it is important to have both partners evaluated for fertility. It has been long known that fertility declines for women after the age ... Read More »
Disease has a hard time hitting a moving target. That’s what I tell my patients. If I told you there was a pill that would accomplish the following things, would you take it? Well, here is the ... Read More »
As if you need ANOTHER reason to lose your muffin top; those extra pounds are not keeping you out of your skinny jeans, but fat around the middle has been linked to: high blood pressure, high ... Read More »
Although I try and not overwhelm new parents in the first few well-child care visits, it really is never too early to start discussing the importance of home safety proofing. Granted, a 2-month-old ... Read More »

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