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It seems like every year the holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier. Certainly there are economic factors at play. The earlier things go on sale for a particular holiday, the more stuff ... Read More »
You don’t remember banging in to anything and you see bruises on your legs and arms. Why am I bruising and do I have to worry? I see this all the time. Easy bruising is a common complaint for ... Read More »
Any parent who has more than one child knows the joys of watching siblings play together, support each other, and grow together. They also know that there is probably no sound more irritating than ... Read More »
Alcohol use is a difficult paradox for physicians. You can use it safely, and it may improve health, but heavy alcohol results in catastrophic complications wreaking havoc on people’s lives. As you ... Read More »
New research by Tracie O. Afifi, PhD. at University of Manitoba in ... Read More »
Posted in Depression by Lee Trask on Sep 27, 2012
You’re in your 7th month of a healthy pregnancy. There are many amazing things going on. Among others, you’re feeling your baby on a daily basis. But there are some negatives as well. ... Read More »
Over the years, I’ve talked to older teenagers who played organized sports growing up and inquired about whether they ever experienced some level of burnout. And almost everyone of those who ... Read More »
Any lump that appears on your body should be checked. The most common lump you will notice are lipomas which are harmless lumps that usually don’t need any treatment. Lipomas are noncancerous ... Read More »
Are you ready? I’m not sure I am. As the checklists for back-to-school readiness are completed I am trying hard to savor every last drop of summer break. There is something magical about a lack of ... Read More »
The sad news about director Tony Scott’s suicide came, as these stories often do, as a horrible shock to many. Maybe it wasn’t as surprising to those who knew him intimately, I have no idea, but ... Read More »

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