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Disease has a hard time hitting a moving target. That’s what I tell my patients. If I told you there was a pill that would accomplish the following things, would you take it? Well, here is the ... Read More »
As if you need ANOTHER reason to lose your muffin top; those extra pounds are not keeping you out of your skinny jeans, but fat around the middle has been linked to: high blood pressure, high ... Read More »
Although I try and not overwhelm new parents in the first few well-child care visits, it really is never too early to start discussing the importance of home safety proofing. Granted, a 2-month-old ... Read More »
Are you familiar with the term clean eating? The editors of Clean Eating magazine state that the basic idea is "consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible." Clean ... Read More »
I’m not huge on bugs. I’m not the biggest wimp in the world, but I’m not making pets out of spiders either. That said, I don’t have too much problem with grabbing a live spider by the leg if ... Read More »
For many of the children I care for, this past Saturday stood as “Opening Day” for those who play baseball and softball. All last week, you could sense the excitement the youngsters were feeling ... Read More »
Video Notes: 6 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood ... Read More »
Most parents I know, do their best to shelter kids from the scary news reports of the day, but it isn’t always possible. The recent and horrific story of the Ohio school shooting has left parents ... Read More »
To eat fat, or not to eat fat: that is the question. If you are overweight, chances are good that your doctor has advised you to cut back on fats. One kind of fat, however, needs to remain in your ... Read More »
We all need the comfort of friendship, it is human nature. Now there is new research conducted by William Bukowski, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, that describes the importance of friends, and best ... Read More »

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