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I admit it. This blog is really about me poking a little bit at a research study to be published in next month’s issue of Pediatrics. And I’m purposely trying to keep things light ... Read More »
In my last post, I explained a bit about an episiotomy, why it would be used during labor, and why it was the best solution for me during my delivery. What I didn’t touch on was what happens after ... Read More »
In this video, Julie tells us about some interesting research from the ... Read More »
We are a collective culture of individuals who like to buy things - lots of things - and on a daily basis. We believe that many of the things we purchase are necessary and important for our ... Read More »
Let’s say you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, without luck. So, after months and months of sex on a calendar (which really takes all the spontaneity out of things,) you are trying to keep ... Read More »
In this video Julie talks about 4 simple, yet powerful, tips for ... Read More »
We read and hear that forgiving is something we need to do for others, and that when we forgive others it allows us to let go of feelings of anger and resentment. There are now numerous studies that ... Read More »
One of my best girlfriends is pregnant. She has always wanted to be a mom, and will make a great one! But she is having her first child later in her life, and for all the business savvy she has, and ... Read More »
For working parents, getting that phone call from your child’s childcare center that Johnny has “pink eye” and must be picked up immediately often creates a lot of unwarranted stress. Of ... Read More »
In honor of Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day coming up this weekend, now seems like the perfect opportunity to salute all the wonderful and amazing fathers out there. And while I know I could ... Read More »

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