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What comes to mind when you think of family holiday gatherings? I think of festive décor, gathering around the dinner table for fun conversation and of course, enjoying delicious food. But whatever ... Read More »
This may not come from my 7 years of medical training for a career in pediatrics, but after our first big family trip (i.e. it involved an airplane) and being the parents of 3 children, I feel ... Read More »
Doctor avoiders, we all know and love them. Trust me, I understand when inertia has kept you away from the doctor and it feels kind of good. But then it gets weird; so keep these things in mind ... Read More »
With the first snow in Mammoth and Tahoe last week the injuries from snowboarding started to trickle in. Primary Care Doctors and Orthopedic surgeons know you love it, and we don’t want you to stop ... Read More »
Recently New York City banned extra large sugary sodas and encouraged a healthy diet. Many scoffed at New York City’s intrusion into individual diets. However more and more studies are being done ... Read More »
There is a tendency for people to come to therapy with the expressed desire of feeling better, and by this, many mean off loading their painful or unpleasant emotions. There is also a tendency for ... Read More »
Once again, Halloween is here and while our thoughts go to everyone on the East Coast with the storm imminently looming, I’d like to share some safety tips for this once-a-year dress up holiday. ... Read More »
It seems like every year the holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier. Certainly there are economic factors at play. The earlier things go on sale for a particular holiday, the more stuff ... Read More »
You don’t remember banging in to anything and you see bruises on your legs and arms. Why am I bruising and do I have to worry? I see this all the time. Easy bruising is a common complaint for ... Read More »
Any parent who has more than one child knows the joys of watching siblings play together, support each other, and grow together. They also know that there is probably no sound more irritating than ... Read More »

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