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Many of you know I do enjoy writing about research studies that evolve from common sense themes. And after perusing next month’s journal, Pediatrics, I found one study that I’d like to ... Read More »
Recovery is a journey. It starts, but doesn’t end the moment an individual enters residential or inpatient treatment. Actually, most people do a lot of important recovery work even before coming to ... Read More »
Are you leading a sedentary life? Are you among the 40 percent of Americans who have yet to incorporate any exercise into their daily routines? Are you among the majority of Americans (80 percent) ... Read More »
Do you keep a to-do list? If not, maybe you should. Most people have a system or way of getting things done but if you find yourself constantly playing catch up then maybe it is time to rethink your ... Read More »
We have all heard the expression “today is the first day of the rest of your life” and may have thought that it was over simplifying the notion of starting life anew each day. The idea that we ... Read More »
As I continue to see many of the older teenagers I care for getting ready to head off to college, I find myself repeating a few key suggestions or reminders as they prepare to get things in order for ... Read More »
Here are five simple steps to take to improve all your relationships – both new and old:
1. Be willing to “walk around” another person and not just see them from a ... Read More »
A general rule-of-thumb I always share with my new parents is that it can be quite common for newborns and babies, in general, to be fussy. This basically means they may cry a lot. Now most parents ... Read More »
Just a couple of weeks ago I found out my nephew’s eyes were sunburned. Not sure how it happened other than he was obviously in the sun all day long, but it reminded me of the importance of not ... Read More »
With summer right around the corner and the summer heat sure enough soon to follow, I’d like to reprise a blog I previously wrote focusing on some important skin safety issues for our children and ... Read More »

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