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A question I am asked more often than you might think comes from proud parents wanting to know the ultimate eye color of their newborn child.  In fact, even after reminding them it may take a ... Read More »

As someone who is not a person of strong religious faith, I have always appreciated that religious faith provides many with great comfort during the end of life. Many of my patients who believe ... Read More »

Before I lay out the various head lice treatments available, I'd like to share with you all a recent discussion I had with a parent in my office.  During the course of a typical ill visit, ... Read More »

Every day I am asked by parents about whether their ill child must be keep home from school or daycare.  And while I sympathize with the implications of keeping a child home from ... Read More »

I must admit when my oldest was just a young toddler, I would camp out on the living room floor with her and watch one of those well known toddler developmental videos claiming they would ... Read More »

Today I was told a story by a nanny who naively slipped and said that she sometimes tells the child she cares for, "don't tell Mommy and Daddy...".  The sentence usually concludes ... Read More »

I often ask my younger patients their favorite class at school.  Some may say math, others science, and maybe one or two will say the occasional English, but the one class ... Read More »


The social pressures of childhood are many and from the very early grades of elementary school children are influenced by peer pressure.  Sometimes that influence is positive, ... Read More »

 There are mixed reactions to the filming of Jade Goody during the end of her life after a struggle against cervical cancer. I am glad to see the discussion taking place.  Jade Goody is ... Read More »


Since our wonderful Docs here at DS have provided us with some funny albeit gross anecdotes in their recent blogs, I thought I'd get in on ... Read More »

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