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When my daughter was about 4 years old she asked, "Who made God?" She has asked that question several times over the years, I imagine, because she is ... Read More »


In the wake of the anxiety surrounding the swine flu, it seems as if every child with a fever has been brought in by their parent(s) for an evaluation these last few days.  And ... Read More »

Bumps, lumps, dry skin, and rashes are the most common thing I am asked about at dinner parties.  I have learned from the best during my training and hear the same "pearls of ... Read More »


As I was driving home yesterday and nearly at my driveway, I found two police cars blocking the road.  Behind the cars was one of those large tow trucks...a heavy duty one.  ... Read More »

This was the message I received from a member on DS with a suggestion to write this blog. How do you carry on after the death of a loved one?  I know there are people on DS ... Read More »

Every parent knows the frustration of trying to get their kid to do something they need or want them to do when the child simply won't cooperate. It may be as simple as leaving a party ... Read More »


Next week, April 20-26, is officially (TV) Turnoff Week.  This week serves as a reminder of the importance of reduced television time and greater physical activity for our ... Read More »


A great balance to the many visits I have with younger-aged children are my routine, and hopefully yearly, adolescent physical exams.  It's an opportunity to catch up on the ... Read More »

There came a time (two seperate times, actually), during my years of infertility and miscarriages, that my husband and I were seriously considering adoption. We began collecting information, ... Read More »

I was all set to sit down and begin my multi-blog discussion regarding cord blood when I came across an article in the front page of the Los Angeles Times today that has delayed my plans once ... Read More »

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