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I'm fortunate to have many newborns in my practice as not only do I thoroughly enjoy working with parents ready to embark on a journey like no others, but it also helps satisfy the ... Read More »


During my meetings with parents-to-be, by far, the most common question I am asked involves vaccines.  But for those who are about to have a son, I am also commonly asked for my perspective ... Read More »


Once your children hit middle school they have a basic understanding of sexuality and the mechanics of the reproductive system. They will have this information ... Read More »

1) Do I need an annual physical?


As many of you know Medicare does NOT cover annual physicals... so the question is do you really need ... Read More »


Well, it certainly seems that despite my intentions not to spark any unfavorable dialogue regarding vaccines in a recent writing, I obviously failed.  And while I always appreciate ... Read More »


As a pediatrician, one of the most important things I can do is promote the importance of preventive care to my patients and their families: maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, daily ... Read More »


Continuing my discussion of childhood immunizations (AKA vaccines), I'd like to now share those which are recommended during the first year of your child's life.  Along the ... Read More »

By the time a child is 7 or 8 years old you should have explained basic anatomy to them. They should know the names of both male and female body parts. This knowledge helps to pave the way ... Read More »


Today has been a good day.  After weeks of preparation, my wife, mother, and oldest daughter headed over to a nearby school early this morning to prepare and set up for my ... Read More »


Based on the recent discussions I've had with the parents of young children in my practice, I realize many are unaware of the new car seat recommendations for children less than 2 years ... Read More »

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