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No, I haven't turned into a news reporter and the last thing I want to do is further the anxiety surrounding the H1N1 flu (previously known as swine flu), but since we may soon see an increase ... Read More »


I'm looking for some feedback here.  Whenever I'm out...with friends, a child's birthday party, etc...without fail, I will get one or two medical questions thrown my ... Read More »


As I glanced through the local newspaper yesterday, I came across an article title I've been meaning to discuss for quite some time..."Does a doctor's weight ... Read More »

If you have more than one child living in your home you are bound to hear bickering. For some families it is pretty constant and for others it is more occasional. Much of this is determined ... Read More »


I think the most important thing I can share here is making sure everyone realizes warts are just a part of life.  No, not everyone is destined to get them but up to 20% of children in ... Read More »


Having that brief opportunity to sit outside in less than 100 degree heat yesterday, I had the opportunity to clear off some old text messages and emails from my cell-phone.  Now, for ... Read More »


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's summertime, which usually means the sun and fun.  And for many of us dealing with the 100 degree days and have the good fortune of living near ... Read More »

1) Demerol: I'll never forget a lecture I attended as a resident by a well known toxicologist who said Demerol should be pulled from the market...that it doesn't work any better than any ... Read More »


OK.  So we've now reached the tween/teen years (where 11 appears to be a good age to describe when this period begins).  And while there are 2 new immunizations that ... Read More »

A recent study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discussing the correlation between teenagers with depression and the presence of ... Read More »

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