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ARTICLES FOR: Agoraphobia & Social Anxiety
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Human beings enjoy being right. This is just a simple fact of life. It gives us a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to be right. In fact, studies have shown that people are equally overjoyed by ... Read More »
The average age for a woman to experience her menopause is 52. Menopause is considered to have occurred when a woman has not had a menstrual cycle for a 12 month period. Peri-menopause is what occurs ... Read More »
It was a beautiful weekend here in Los Angeles. The sun was out and it was 75 degrees with a slight breeze near the beach. You would think that since I live so close to such beauty that I get out ... Read More »
This morning I went to the market with my five month old twins. This is one of my favorite nap-inducing activities for them! As I was strolling down the aisles I came across the chocolate-- a whole ... Read More »
If you feel like you don't know what you're supposed to be talking about while you're talking to a therapist, that could indicate that the therapist hasn't asked the questions that focus on what you ... Read More »
Sexual assault includes many things such as rape or attempted rape, or any unwanted sexual touching or contact. Perpetrators are more often someone the victim knows. According to the National ... Read More »
How do you know if you have low self esteem? Here are the symptoms:
• You don't ask for what you want. Instead of saying what you prefer, when asked your preference, you give no ... Read More »
Every once in awhile I get a call from someone who wants to see me in addition to the therapist they are already seeing. In theory it sounds pretty good. You can work through one issue with one ... Read More »
Getting your needs met, whether in a relationship or at work, is a difficult task for many. There are efficient and effective ways to be clear in your communication and increase the likelihood that ... Read More »

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