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Since my twins were born three and a half months ago, never has structuring my day taken on greater meaning. It seems that when my partner and I sit down with specific intentions such as feeding, ... Read More »
Many of us over the past few years have been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. So many people have lost their jobs and subsequently their homes. There are also the losses that we can’t see ... Read More »
You and your healthcare provider have decided it’s time to wean off your antidepressant and now you wonder: what is the best way to stop? Cold turkey or a slow wean? Well, the answer is we don’t ... Read More »
SmileLisa was fit, slim, and a swimmer in high school. Food and weight were the furthest things from her mind as she concentrated on being a swimmer and enjoying life. It wasn't until she took a ... Read More »
The implementation of a new anti-bullying program called Steps to Respect has shown to be extremely effective in reducing malicious gossip among elementary school aged children. Based on a study out ... Read More »
If you are already feeling sad and stressed with the loss of a loved one, the additional expectations of the holidays can create unbearable pressure. Here are some ideas of how to make the holiday ... Read More »
Your internal dialogue controls your mood. If you are always saying to yourself that you can't do something, you are essentially sabotaging any initiative and confidence you may have to move to ... Read More »
Darkness sets in earlier these days and as winter approaches, people hunker down at home in warmer clothes or beside the fire. These images conjure up the warmth of the Holidays, but for many this ... Read More »
The practice of Mindfulness, which has its origins in Buddhist philosophy and teaches people to be present in the moment and aware of their surroundings, is now being acknowledged as an alternative ... Read More »
“No one is looking for me, why can't I move on,” is a question that a DailyStrength member recently asked. After selling her home and moving out of state to be with her children, quitting a ... Read More »

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