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How often are you out to lunch or dinner with someone and you notice them checking their phone repeatedly to see if any new messages or texts have come in – during the meal! With a very few ... Read More »
Conventional wisdom says that going into marriage with your eyes wide open and with a realist view of your partner is the wise thing to do. Well as it turns out, that wisdom may need to be ... Read More »
It was a beautiful weekend here in Los Angeles. The sun was out and it was 75 degrees with a slight breeze near the beach. You would think that since I live so close to such beauty that I get out ... Read More »
Just think back to your own teenage years. I’m sure you regret a thing or two you did in trying to fit in. Hopefully, nothing further than a good learning experience came from it but life tells ... Read More »
We all have depressing or negative thoughts flowing through our minds in a constant stream throughout the day. These thoughts are sometimes called “monkey mind” because we all have them swinging ... Read More »
For most people friendships are an important part of their life. Many struggle with a lack of social contact and others simply struggle to maintain the relationships they currently have. Life is ... Read More »
This morning I went to the market with my five month old twins. This is one of my favorite nap-inducing activities for them! As I was strolling down the aisles I came across the chocolate-- a whole ... Read More »
If you feel like you don't know what you're supposed to be talking about while you're talking to a therapist, that could indicate that the therapist hasn't asked the questions that focus on what you ... Read More »
How do you know if you have low self esteem? Here are the symptoms:
• You don't ask for what you want. Instead of saying what you prefer, when asked your preference, you give no ... Read More »
I found Willy on the Internet, a puppy who needed a home. Believe it or not, I sent for him without even seeing him first. He arrived in a cage and I picked him up from the Port Columbus Airport. He ... Read More »

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