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According to UCLA psychologist, Thomas Bradbury and graduate student Justin Lavner, there are some measures that may in fact predict the likely success or failure of a marriage. Bradbury and Lavner ... Read More »
An interesting new study out of Brigham Young University and William Patterson University, found that when couples were overly concerned about money their relationship suffered. In this study; 1,700 ... Read More »
I just hung up with a collegue who I haven’t spoken with in a year. When I asked how her life was going, she said, “Very intense, I’m signing my divorce papers this week, my ex is moving out of ... Read More »
While watching the show Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel; about obsessive runners and how their need to run actually takes a huge toll on their body, I began to think about the many people I ... Read More »
Imagine going to your doctor or therapist and having them suggest taking Tylenol to reduce the suffering and emotional pain you are experiencing from a romantic break-up. This may not be too far off ... Read More »
Dr. Oz, Sharecare and Weight Watchers are on a mission to transform the nation with 7 key steps to weight loss and healthy living that ... Read More »
People cause intentional harm to their bodies for a myriad of reasons. In general self-injury, also known as self-mutilation, deliberate self-harm syndrome, self-cutting and self-wounding, is a way ... Read More »
18,000 women and 4,000 men reported to a survey in Self Magazine about their difficult, and at times downright toxic, friendships. Of those who participated in the survey 84% of the women and ... Read More »
In generations past, the word recovery usually referred to a highly sterile room in a hospital where people went immediately after surgery to stabilize. Today, recovery has taken on a whole new ... Read More »
According to Dr. Mackey, of the Division of Pain Management at Stanford University School of Medicine, and author of a new study on pain relief, areas of the brain activated by intense love are the ... Read More »

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