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During the winter months, about 15% of Americans suffer from a mood disorder known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). ... Read More »
The holidays can be tough, especially if you’ve lost a loved one. Family ... Read More »
According to the Annenberg Public Policy Center, despite common views, most suicides do not occur in the winter. This has been a long held belief and even clinicians will offer evidence of this from ... Read More »
Posted in Parenting Teena... by Eric Komoroff on Nov 26, 2012
Even for adults, it can seem as if the world of jazz is an insular one—like you either get it or you don’t. So it’s easy to see why young people may feel a bit put off, especially given its ... Read More »
The answer to this question is found in the question itself. What is "loving" and what does a loving relationship look like? The key to a loving relationship is showing great care for another person; ... Read More »
Does flirting really help women in negotiations? Is it true that women are more likely to get out of a traffic ticket than men if the officer who pulls them over is male? It turns out that flirting ... Read More »
Just today, a friend’s daughter was struggling with separation after being dropped off at preschool. It was not that long ago that I had to leave my crying preschooler in the capable hands of a ... Read More »
Has someone accused you of being too sensitive or suggested that you grow ... Read More »
It was reported in a New York Times article, that more than half of the births to women under 30 in the US happened outside of marriage. Dr. Laurie Weiss, author of the new book, 99 Things ... Read More »
Not surprisingly, a new study has shown that there is a correlation between those who frequently update their Facebook status and have many friends and the likelihood that they are Narcissists. This ... Read More »

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