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Do you get sad in the winter? It may have to do with the amount of light you're getting. You may not be sad, so much as suffering from SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. Now a new study suggests ... Read More »
“Prejudice based on appearance is the last bastion of legally acceptable bigotry.” This is a quote from Stanford University law professor Deborah L. Rhodes. Professor Rhode’s new book The ... Read More »

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this from a patient I could save our economy. This is a serious and disabling complaint we hear from 22-33% of patients in our primary care offices. ... Read More »

People living with depression know all too well the desire to break that cycle while often feeling powerless over the strength of it.  That helpless feeling often feeds the depression ... Read More »

My heart goes out to Patrick Swayze's loved ones.  I was so saddened to hear about his death this week. Although it seemed expected, I guess because he was such a vital and energetic ... Read More »

With bbq's and swim parties fresh in many of our minds, this morning's sunrise came with a rude awakening as the daily grind makes its return.  Labor Day represents the unofficial end ... Read More »

Posted in Anxiety by Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross on Sep 04, 2009


The other night I looked out our front window and saw flashing red lights, which is never a good sign and particularly at 10 in the evening. My husband and I went ... Read More »


Have you ever been waiting for an appointment with your therapist and someone walks out of their session, makes eye contact with you, and you are somehow left ... Read More »

This past weekend I had a short trip to Santa Barbara, CA.  Along with my partner and my dog Etta, we had planned for a quick rejuvenating night away.  It proved to be ... Read More »

Often times when a client comes to me about a break up, they are filled with chaotic thoughts and feelings.  Trying to manage the grief and anger as well as trying to move on can prove ... Read More »

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