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ARTICLES FOR: Families & Friends Of Addicts
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It is becoming common knowledge that the foods we put into our bodies, which are groups of chemicals, have a very specific effect on our brain function and thus our mood. When we think of mood ... Read More »
I was hiking with an old friend yesterday. As I started huffing and puffing up a not too steep hill I wondered what happened to that New Year’s resolution I made about exercise. I thought here it ... Read More »
I recently watched a report on a news program about the addictive nature of slot machines. There are arguments to be made on both sides of whether gambling is truly addictive or not, and of course ... Read More »
New Years Day in Los Angeles was cold this year. As most places in the country are used to winter setting around the holidays, Los Angeles typically can get warm winds and 80 degree temperatures. ... Read More »
I started getting this question from my younger patients about 3 years ago, and realize now that it’s more popular than we think. “It’s legal” is what my patients say, so it must be safe ... Read More »
How many years have you written down your goals because someone told you to do this, and they never happened. Many people do this every year. While it is a good idea to write your goals, I have ... Read More »
"Auld Lang Syne" This is a phrase we really only hear at this time of year, yet its meaning is rarely ever understood. It literally translates in English to “old long since” or more ... Read More »
The use of medications to treat ADHD in adults increased 90% from 2002 to 2005 in the United States. This was a dramatic increase, and adults now receive one third of all prescriptions for ADHD ... Read More »
Lately, I've been getting many questions and concerns from parents of adult children who have lost their job and want to move back in with their parents. Parents often feel torn because they want to ... Read More »
There are so many reasons a couple may choose to adopt. It is a powerful and personal decision. Many people feel adoption is a natural part of building a family, (even if they have their own ... Read More »

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