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Can parabens in your makeup, lotion or underarm deodorant cause breast cancer? Parabens are used as preservatives in many personal care products (lotion, make-up and sunscreen.) Studies have shown ... Read More »
Not that you asked but all three of my children were breast fed exclusively for at least 1 year. Both my wife and I are believers that “breast is best” and the gold standard of infant nutrition ... Read More »
Dr. Oz, Sharecare and Weight Watchers are on a mission to transform the nation with 7 key steps to weight loss and healthy living that ... Read More »
About a third of the young men and women recruited by the army are "too fat to fight." That alarming ... Read More »
What’s not to love about swelling, pain, and bulging varicose veins? A ton, and they can be expensive to take care of. Patients with varicose veins wonder which treatment is the best: laser ... Read More »
A new book called Maggie Goes On a Diet, by Paul M. Kramer, is stirring up a world of controversy before it has even been published. The book is about a 14 year old girl who is desperate to ... Read More »
As a sequel to my previous blog on this topic, I have more to ... Read More »
Trauma and traumatic experiences are nothing new to the human condition. Whether a child is sexually violated early in life, or an adult witnesses a horrific event during combat, such trauma can and ... Read More »
Well, it is probably best for me to quickly state the answer to this question is simply yes. Granted, in certain areas of nutrition, there may be fewer choices to choose from, but ultimately, with ... Read More »
No doubt you've heard the saying "cool as a cucumber," but did you know that cucumbers boast a number of excellent nutritional benefits? How cool is that? Cucumbers have long been a go-to ... Read More »

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