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ARTICLES FOR: High School Stress
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This is a question that I am frequently asked by non-patients. Friends or acquaintances, who I would not be able to see in my own practice because of our personal relationship, are often curious ... Read More »
The connection between stress and its effects on the body are being studied in every area of medicine. While the exact relationship is not understood, doctors do know that stress alters all facets of ... Read More »
“I am your father, not your friend.” It seems that many parents struggle with this distinction. That being a parent, a good parent, is not about friendship. And that being the “cool ... Read More »
Dr. Oz, Sharecare and Weight Watchers are on a mission to transform the nation with 7 key steps to weight loss and healthy living that ... Read More »
About a third of the young men and women recruited by the army are "too fat to fight." That alarming ... Read More »
A new book called Maggie Goes On a Diet, by Paul M. Kramer, is stirring up a world of controversy before it has even been published. The book is about a 14 year old girl who is desperate to ... Read More »
We are surrounded by stress every day. It is inescapable. But how much of that stress is our own and how much of it do we catch from others around us? It is fairly hard to tease out where one ... Read More »
Because of the fact that an adult child moving out of the home is seen as a healthy transition into competency and adulthood, depressed parents may have a hard time finding support or sympathy. To ... Read More »
As a doctor and a parent of young girls, I have to say this is a must read. Teenage girls who used tanning beds in the 1990s are behind the sharp increase in melanoma in young women. At the American ... Read More »
Around this time of year and right before children head back to school, I will often hear the grumblings about which teacher a child will want for the upcoming school year. In fact, in my own ... Read More »

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